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Braidy Learns To Play

Jason and Deb Daily Blog: Braidy Learns To Play

Braidy is still getting adjusted and learning how to play, but she loves to cuddle and nibble on little Alfie. You may know, Braidy spent at least the last year abandoned and chained, so Deb is teaching her to play and easing her into more nutritious foods. Since Braidy has been with Deb, she has learned how to fetch, but is still figuring out just how to play with Alfie. So far, its Alfie nibbles and solid poops for Braidy. She’s doing a lot better, and seems to be getting comfy with Deb, San Antonio Guy, Alfie and even George the boss of the house.  


Braidy is getting comfy at Deb’s house.  

Cuddles With Braidy And Alfie

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Deb's dogs Braidy and Alfie cuddling.
Deb's dogs Braidy and Alfie sleeping.
Deb's foster dog Braidy laying on her foot on the couch next to Deb's San Antonio Guy.
  • Deb's dogs Braidy and Alfie cuddling.
  • Deb's dogs Braidy and Alfie sleeping.
  • Deb's foster dog Braidy laying on her foot on the couch next to Deb's San Antonio Guy.
Cuddles With Braidy And Alfie


Braidy nibbles on and plays with little Alfie.


Deb celebrates Mother’s Day with Alfie, Braidy and George.

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Today is a good day. It’s my first Mother’s Day with all three pets! George the kitten was happily adopted from @tomlinsonsfeed during a @wilcopetstx adoption day. Alfie the Frenchie came from a bad situation in Bastrop via the amazing DogMum extraordinaire @mamxmc And beautiful Brady. Well her life was hell at the end of a chain, with no food, water or more importantly, love. And now we’re all here together! I never thought I’d have another dog again after Blue, but with both dogs, I almost felt him pushing me towards them. Blue was/is the greatest love of my life and I don’t know if I’ll ever love that way again. But having this happy house full of bozos is a big step towards healing. Not just me, but them too. Happy Mother’s Day to all the badass dogmums. Human mums too, but dogmums are my people 😍 Big thank you to @standupforpitsfoundation for sending Braidy this amazing clean food from @emmalouskitchen - I don’t even eat meat but it looks amazing!! It sent Braidy into a delightful food coma 😊 Love to you and yours! ❤️ Oh and PS *VOLUME ON!* #adoptdontshop #bekind #happydogmothersday #pitbullsofinstagram

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Deb celebrated Mother’s Day alongside her actual mom friend, Alfie, George and Braidy. Jason took his mom, sister and nephew to Jack Allen’s to eat and producer Nick followed tradition and took his mom to IHOP.  



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was Mac, and he spent the weekend getting his motorcycle license along-side some buddies, partying at a strip club until 4 am and driving around in a Corvette.

Jason did a whole lot of gambling over the weekend, but started off with yet another sober Friday. Saturday, Jason took a date to eat dumplings and The Strumbellas concert. Later that night, Jason went to a post-prom chaperone after party, and Sunday he took his mom, and sister to eat at Jack Allen’s for Mother’s Day.

We didn’t have time for Deb’s qualifying questions, but even with all the listener’s vroom-vrooms, you voted Jason’s weekend was mas macho.




Today we called Project Brunch in Staten Island, NY to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they served brunch every day, and she was assured so but was immediately forwarded to the location with booze. Maybe Deb sounded like she needed a drink, but all she wanted was some love from Project Brunch and she got butt-slammed.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s famous chefs trivia on the 6AM podcast.

Does Deb Know Stuff- Play along and listen to today’s which “Lethal Weapon” movie is that trivia on the 9AM podcast.  


We talked a lot about the different “Lethal Weapon” movies on today’s show. Jason and producer Nick’s favorite movie is the “Lethal Weapon” sequel “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia did. *Warning: NSFW



Burger King is testing out a new traffic jam delivery service where they will deliver food right to your car.

For Mother’s day, a porn site blocked all MILF videos to remind people to call their actual mothers.

‘Lethal Weapon’ is canceled after three seasons on Fox.



Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard (2) dunks as Philadelphia 76ers forward James Ennis III (11) watches as the Toronto Raptors beat the Philadelphia 76ers 92-90 in game seven of their second round series in the NBA play-offs at Scotiabank Arena in Toro

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In the NBA playoffs Game 7, the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Denver Nuggets 100-96.

The Raptors beat the 76ers in Game 7 after Kawhi Leonard's buzzer-beater shot.

Texas, and Florida announce a future home-and-home football series set for 2030 and 2031.

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