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Is Billie Eilish Overrated?

Is Billie Eilish Overated?

ACL weekend one is finally here and obviously Billie Eilish is at the top of everyone’s must see list. Or at least for most people, but of course Jason Dick is not quite sold on Miss Eilish.  Even this handy guide to Billie Eilish by our friends at Austin360 wasn’t able to answer all of his questions. While Jason claims he’s not just an old fogey and that he actually likes her music, he isn’t sure if she’s actually talented enough to “skip the line” and go straight to ACL headliner status.  The real question is whether this is all just sour grapes because the Sucktones were, once again, not invited to play the festival. 

Sad Eyes For French Bulldog Guys

Sometimes Deb’s C of the Week is a jovial one, but sadly that is not the case this week.  Deb follows several animals on Instagram and was in tears yesterday after finding out that one of her favorites was no longer with us.  Queer Eye fans are probably already familiar with Bruley the French Bulldog, who had become beloved by everyone on the show, who unfortunately died of heart attack at the age of 10.  Just one more reason why you shouldn’t breed purebred dogs as they cause health defects like this.  RIP Bruley

Name That Game

In lighter news, we need your help naming one of our newest games, the IMDB Characters Game.  We played it today and while we won’t spoil it, there was a pretty epic finish that may have left someone reeling.  So check it out on the podcast and then email or tweet at us if you have any fun name suggestions for us.


Robert DeNiro is being sued by a former assistant and she has released a profanity-laced voicemail he left for her one time.

Emoji’s are become more and more acceptable in workplace communications.

It’s National Taco Day today so here are some taco fun facts and statistics to help celebrate.

Also, while it didn’t make the show today, you should absolutely watch this video of Taylor Swift going full on David After The Dentist.


The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Washington Nationals 6-0.

The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves 7-6.

The Seattle Seahawks held on to beat the Los Angeles Rams 30-29.

And Troy Aikman doesn’t remember when Cooper Kupp’s dad was his backup.

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