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Beto Drops The F-Bomb


Sad news for Beto fans, Ted Cruz narrowly defeated the El Paso Senate hopefully in the midterm election last night.  Beto did manage to steal the headlines for an uncensored f-word on TV during his concession speech. Apparently Congressman O’Rourke’s penchant for profanity is so widespread that Ted Cruz even ran a political ad warning parents to keep their children away when Beto visited their towns.  We discussed some theories from people way smarter than us on why Beto lost the election, from his insistence on running on a hard-left platform to the simple fact that being a Democrat in Texas means you’re doomed from the start.  But according to Jason, the real reason Beto lost is simple.  Whenever he gives a speech, he holds the microphone from the very top, like he’s about to drop the mic after a particularly vicious yo momma slam in a rap battle.  Beto was in a band back in the day so perhaps this is just his punk rock roots showing, but was it really enough to convince voters to embrace Ted Cruz and his creamy pecs? Guess we’ll just have to let the historians figure it out.





That Guy


For this week’s That Guy Jason picked Too Proud To Say Your Sorry Guy.  What started out just another silly fantasy football argument has escalated into a potentially friendship-altering fiasco.  If you’re truly interested in the details, you can check out the podcast, but basically Jason is accused of playing with an illegal lineup in one of his many leagues.  When talking to his friend, who is in charge of said fantasy league, things escalated and Jason accused his friend of being a terrible fantasy football commissioner.  Now he hasn’t heard from this friend since Sunday night, after telling him to F off.  A normal person would simply apologize and move on with their lives, but unfortunately that’s not how the Dickman rolls.  The worst(best) part is that Producer Nick is the one who tattled on Jason to the commissioner, and is now full of fiendish delight at how far this has gone.  Just say you’re sorry Dickman, even if you don’t mean it!


I Love You Call


a shirtless man covered in tattoos awkwardly holding out a bouquet of flowersToday we called Ultra Violet Flowers in Washington D.C. to see if Deb could mend Jason’s fractured friendship with a bouquet of flowers on his behalf.  The nice woman who answered didn’t seem to find it an unusual request at all and informed us that they have several options for a sending flowers to a guy.  Turns out brokering peace is the easy part, the hard part is getting an I Love You!



Don’t Butt Hurt Me Bro!


For today’s Butt Hurt game we continued our climb up the 101X corporate ladder by playing with our President of Radio Programming.  You may have heard us refer to him as Big Big Big But Little Boss as while he is hugely important, he does not take up the most space physically. Luckily he is a huge fan of the show and a regular podcast listener.  No spoiler here though. Check out the podcast to see whether anyone got butt hurt.




Gary Busey gave some sleeping tips to Rolling Stone magazine.  True to form they are pretty far out there.





Andrew Jones received a standing ovation from Longhorn fans after he returned to the basketball court for the first time since missing last season due to Leukemia.


The Austin American Statesman ran an article asking if the doing the horns down during a game should be a penalty for taunting


The 4th ranked Duke Blue Devils blew out the 2nd ranked Kentucky Wildcats on the back of their incredible freshman recruiting class.



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