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Ass Hat Of The Week

Every Friday Deb picks out someone or something to be her C Of The Week. Since she’s out recovering from surgery, today we had the first ever AH of the week from producer Nick. No, this is not Who’s The A-Hole. It’s AH. So, just fill in the blanks. This may only matter if you’re dealing with traffic on Interstate 35 around the Runberg area of North Austin, but lately, the construction has made traffic unbearable leaving the station.

Usually, Nick goes through back roads and can exit with no problem, but with the new construction cars have been hostile and refuse to let anyone through. On top of the wait to merge onto I-35, with the added two lanes cars have been jetting out across both lanes! If you merge by hopping across multiple lanes, you are an AH. Next time this happens you won’t get a warning honk. Nick may just have to take matters into his own hands.


Deb update! Deb called in to let us know how she has been recovering. If you were worried, aside from a few slips, she has not fallen off of her crutches yet. On top of acquiring new hobbies such as hot baths, sessions with the magic machine on the sofa and tummy time, Deb has also recently realized her dislike for leaf season and their clash with crutches. Though this just may be due to her new housebound role.

Yesterday the pain was a lot better for Deb. Physical therapy always helps, but at night the pain tends to reoccur. It’s been a rocky road, and physical therapy has become Deb’s least and favorite time of the day. Thankfully, she is on the road to getting back on track. With the afternoon now being her “functional sweat spot”, she proposed moving the Jason and Deb show to the afternoon. Luckily for the sake of Jason’s naps, she’ll be back next week bright and early.



This morning we welcomed comedian Doug Benson to the show to tell us all about his upcoming tour in Austin. Doug even stuck around to play the Rotten Tomatoes game against Jason, but not before Jason and producer Nick coerced him into revealing some secrets from his podcast. Click here to listen to the interview and find out who won the game!

Catch Doug’s show in Austin on December 29th or 31st at the Cap City Comedy Club.

Click here for tickets and more information.



Since Deb was out recovering from surgery, Jason played a classic I Love You Call from the time they called DeGeorge Ceiling. After what may just be the most awkward conversation ever,  Deb pulled off an epic I Love You. Listen to this morning’s Best Of I Love You Call on the 9 am podcast.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Both of today’s matches ended in a tie! Listen and play along to day jobs of famous TV characters, and one-word band name synonyms trivia.

Rotten Tomatoes- Listen and play along to today’s Rotten Tomatoes Game featuring Doug Benson.



Lamar Odom visits 'Extra' at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 22, 2018 in Universal City, California

Forbes listed the top ten Christmas Movies of the 2000s.

Fifty-eight inmates are suing over Iowa’s pornography ban in state prisons.

Starbucks will begin blocking pornography on its store Wi-Fi in 2019.

The Kardashian are in panic over the release of Lamar Odom's new book.



Former NFL Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer talks with reporters after meetings at Trump Tower with US President-elect Donald Trump on December 7, 2016 in New York.

On Friday’s we welcome Dennis de la Peña to the show. Jason and Dennis discussed the Dallas Cowboys thirteen to ten victory over the New Orleans Saints and Texas’ match against Oklahoma this weekend.

The Saints versus Cowboys game drew a historical Thursday night football crowd.

Oklahoma’s Barry Switzer is not happy about the ‘Horns Down’ penalty policy. 



Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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