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Anjelah Johnson In Studio

Today Anjelah Johnson joined Jason and Deb in studio to discuss her upcoming show in Austin next Friday. Of course, we clarified the pronunciation of her name for producer Nick and went into an in depth conversation about the Raiders and highway food.

Listen to the complete interview on the 8AM podcast below.


See Anjelah on tour and get your tickets before they sell out at!


The week’s C isn’t about the flies, but you may have heard Deb’s San Antonio Guy has been in Colorado for a softball tournament. From ghost DVD players to unhung curtains, Deb’s house has become a complete mess and she blames her San Antonio Guy's absence. Deb isn’t sure whether to make her San Antonio Guy or the softball tournament this week’s C, but regardless he’s gone and she misses him, and stuff needs to get done- so he and the tournament are this week’s C of The Week.


Looks like we have another shirt to add to the gallery of Jason Dick’s interesting Instagram shirts! If you haven’t seen the James Harden meme, Jason is attempting to mimic it.


Jason in a James Harden shirt.





Deb was having a breakfast taco emergency, so today we called Tacos Lopez in Wichita, KS to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they had authentic tacos, and Tacos Lopez confirmed their potato, egg and cheese tacos were the real deal. They only thing Señor Lopez was missing was authentic love, because Deb got butt-slammed. She couldn’t even get a te amo.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Today the Dickman suffered another loss this week to listener Vladimir. Play along and see how well you could do in today’s solve for ‘X’ trivia on the 6AM podcast.  

$7 Worth of Hoobastank- Listen to Deb make today’s Set List Game a karaoke sing-along on the 7AM podcast. Warning: today’s game includes ‘Family Guy’ clips.

Does Deb Know Stuff- In case you missed the video of Jason’s ‘Karate Kid’ impression after yesterday’s show, listen to today’s which ‘Karate Kid’ movie is that trivia on the 9AM podcast.



There's a soap in Japan that's made to smell like a young woman, but the soap has recently gained popularity amongst lonely men.

A bride to be makes an extreme list of activities her husband to be may not partake in for his bachelor party.

‘Jeopardy!' record holder Ken Jennings doubts he could beat phenomenon James Holzhauer.



Jay-Z and Beyonce attend Game Three of the 2019 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors at ORACLE Arena on June 05, 2019 in Oakland, California.

In NHL playoffs Game 5 for the Stanley Cup, Boston Bruins fans begin to brawl after the referees miss a call before a St. Louis Blues goal. The Blues won 2-0.

NBA Courtside drama part one- The NBA bans Warriors investor Mark Stevens after pushing Kyle Lowry on the court.

NBA Courtside drama part two- The wife of a Warriors owner goes private on Instagram after getting death threats from Beyonce fan after her “side eye” goes viral on social media.

Eagles Carson Wentz has officially agreed to terms on a long-term contract extension.


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