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All Aboard The Sellout Train! Next Stop, Moneyville

Jason went out to karaoke for his friend’s birthday at 7PM Saturday night but turns out, the karaoke DJ and special machines wouldn’t be ready until 9PM. With two hours to kill until the singing and birthday festivities began, they all decided to play a Butt Hurt-style drinking game. The birthday group wasn’t too big, and amongst the party were the parents of the birthday girl and some of Jason’s close friends. Since they all knew each other more or less, whenever someone thought the game was describing a member from the group, they all had to point and that person had to drink. Although the votes were sparse through the beginning of the game, when the command to point at the person who would do anything for money came up, the group was unanimously pointing at the only and only Jason Dick. True enough most of the people pointing fingers knew the self-proclaimed conductor of the money train well, but even a girl who barely knew him stood by her decision. In classic Butt Hurt fashion, the game may have intended to get under Jason’s skin, but after some contemplating we’ll just say it was a compliment.



Every Tuesday we catch up with Deb in a segment we call Deb’s Diary. Since Deb was out this morning, producer Nick caught us up with what’s going on in his life with Nick’s Diary.  

Dear Diary, Nick is “getting fat” and believes he is just a couple of pounds away from being a lard ass. The last time Nick was on a health kick, he lost weight working out at Orange Theory. Unfortunately since then he has fallen off the wagon, but having to recover the fat guy undies was his breaking point. Last time Nick shed a few pounds, he treated himself to some new briefs to compliment his new figure. Although lately, he has been avoiding wearing the smaller size, so he knows it’s time to get a jump start on his “new year, new me”. It’s always tough to start a new diet and exercise plan, but at least Nick knows he has to make a change before he enters the danger zone. Maybe Jason’s decision to compare wing sauces during Nick’s Diary won’t help this weight loss roller coaster, but if it counts, when “Mr. Muscular Shoulders” is president, Nick won’t have to worry about sizes because they would all be made up.



Dickbernapalooza Facebook invite.

You all are invited! Yes, Sucktones will be performing. It has also been confirmed that the show will be so awesome, it’s worth driving from San Antonio. Ke$ha fans, or fans of Ke$ha covers by Sucktones, plan to get there early. Details here



Deb was out recovering from her labrum surgery, so today’s I Love You call was a Best Of from the time we called Danny's Package Shop Liquor Store in Georgia. Deb started out the conversation by asking if they had any fireball. Danny's Package Shop Liquor Store in Georgia showed Deb some southern hospitality because they didn’t even mind she was craving cinnamon whiskey at 9AM and Deb got an I Love You Too.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s math that you don’t have to do any math for, and where is that benched NFL quarterback from trivia.

Let’s Talk Talkies- Listen and play along to today’s Dick vs. Nick battle royal part two.



Judge Judy Sheindlin attends the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit at Spring Studios on June 13, 2017 in New York City

Forbes released the 2018 list of the world’s highest-paid TV hosts. Judge Judy came in number one with one-hundred and forty-seven million dollars.

A new study reveals that it takes one-point-seven days for a Lego to pass through the human body.

A man in Connecticut claims eating a hash brown is to blame for receiving a three-hundred dollar distracted driving ticket. Not his phone.



Shaquille Harrison #3 of the Chicago Bulls puts up a shot against LaMarcus Aldridge #12 of the San Antonio Spurs at the United Center on November 26, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

North Carolina officially announces the hiring of ex-Texas coach Mack Brown.

Houston controls the AFC South after the thirty-four to seventeen win against the Tennessee Titans.

The Spurs faced a one-point loss against the Chicago Bulls with a one-hundred and seven to one-hundred and eight final score.

A brawl broke out after multiple players from Mississippi State and Ole Miss began to fight in the 3rd quarter of the Egg bowl.


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