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Deb has fostered and trained many puppies, but Alfie O’Keefe is definitely a special case. Even with potty training, Alfie is the king of defiance but that’s not even Deb’s issue, Alfie’s “divoness” has gotten out of control. Alfie is a puppy who just can’t be resisted.  Whether Deb is holding or walking with Alfie, twenty minutes of stoppage time has to be allocated for people to pet him. The best part about the Alfie show is that he actually loves the attention, and even starts acting out and being super cute when he’s recognized. Alfie’s stardom has even led to random fans wanting to give him kisses! And, after his first appearance at SXSW yesterday, Alfie O’keefe is the biggest ego on the show. Better get an autograph while you can.



Today we called New York Dog Spa and Hotel in New York, NY to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb told New York Dog Spa she was bringing her pup in for a day and wanted to make sure he would be cuddled. They assured Deb her pup would be cuddled and spoiled and even had love for Deb. That’s the power of love! Deb got an I Love You Too.



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Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke speaks to a crowd of supporters at Chalio Acosta Sports Center at the end of the anti-Trump 'March for Truth' in El Paso, Texas

To celebrate Pi Day, restaurants are giving away free pie and more.

A Reddit user made a chart showing Leonardo Dicaprio hasn't dated anyone over the age of twenty-five for twenty years.

Beto O'Rourke announces he is running for president in 2020.



 Balls bounce off the new backboard. The gym reopens at Malvern Community Centre after a renovation sponsored in part by OVO, the Toronto Raptors and MLSE in Toronto.

Lamar Jackson apologizes after posting Instagram video of him driving at one-hundred and five mph with his seatbelt light on.

The Houston Rockets were defeated 106- 104 by the Golden State Warriors.

The Toronto Raptors name their practice facility after rapper Drake’s OVO.


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