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Off To See The World!


Dear Diary

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that I may be permanently stuck in the country because I'd lost my Green Card? Well I had also let my passport expire.  So sadly I was facing a pathetic, no foreign holiday summer. I did have the revelation that I could go to Puerto Rico though. How cool is that!?!?! You can go there without a passport! Then, something miraculous happened: I received an email from Her Majesty's Royal Passport Office telling me that because I'd purchased a 1 year passport extension last year (remember when I showed up at the airport to go to Nicaragua and my passport had expired the week before and I had to drive to Houston to the British Embassy to get an extension?) I was eligible to get a free, expedited passport renewal that would arrive in 7-10 days! Bingo! And then, my boyfriend made the miraculous discovery that my green card had been hanging out in my sock drawer all along! Jackpot! So now I'm legal and I can go ANYWHERE I want in the entire world!!!!



Where Should Deb Go On Vacation?
Puerto Rico
Why leave Austin?
Go back where you came from, you dang furriner!
Total votes: 4




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