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Honey Do List

Dear Diary

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I have a ‘honey do’ list that just keeps nagging at me. ‘Honey do’ lists are really annoying because as hard as you try to ignore them, they never go away, in fact, it’s worse. Often times, the longer you ignore the ‘honey do’ list, the bigger it gets. I suppose I can’t even really call it my ‘honey do’ list as I don’t have a honey to do it. So I guess it’s my plain old ‘to do’ list. Either way,  I have had a couple of things on my to do list for a couple of years. A couple of years! Why can’t I just do these errands? Is it the length of this list that intimidates me? Maybe these tasks would actually get done if I put a time limit on them or broke the list down into a few smaller lists? What do you think? Will it help? Because If I don’t get to some of these things soon, I fear they’ll never get done. So, here’s my list:
Buy Jason’s blinds
Buy new door frame
Match door frame and baseboard paint
Fix wood work
Get beer
Mow lawn
Buy new weedeater
Get magic moon nails done
Buy new antacid
Clean Blue’s ears out
Prepare my taxes
Find Piggie a new home


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