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Don't Talk Bad About Austin

Dear Diary

I wake up everyday feeling grateful that I live in Austin. I love my bed, my house, my local park, the lakes, the restaurants, music venues, how dog friendly the town is, the fitness community and of course the people! Austinites, natural born, or transplants are just wonderful. I've loved in many other places, but this is my home. Even though I know  I have a very strong East Austin accent... That said, what's the deal with Dallasites hating on us? My niece Denise visited some family friends in Dallas last week and I couldn't believe what they told her about their opinions of Austin. They said they thought that Austin was really dirty and full of homeless people and hippies. I was incredulous! How and when did they make these baseless opinions? Well never actually, as they've never been down here! wtf Dallas. You suck. And I can say that because I used to live there. I had exactly one friend and the only thing to do is go shopping or eat out. You got nothing compared to us Dallas. Go suck a big bags of you know what.


Which city is better?
San Antonio
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