The Top Ten All Time Weezer Tracks

say it aint so weezer

There is nothing more exciting the ranking someone’s art in the form of a shitty click-bait list. Last month we did The Killers this month it is time to fight over another classic 101X Alternative artist: Weezer.  I also asked the 101X staff to weigh in with their thoughts (and prayers).


15) Beverly Hills

Make Believe, 2005

Jason Dick: Beverly Hills is just a fun hip hop style banger.

Producer Nick: I hate weezer. Beverly Hills is my second least favorite because The Simpsons used it for the Waverly Hills episode where they get an apartment in the rich part of town so Bart and Lisa can go to the fancy school.  Its a bad episode and a bad song.


14) Pork N Beans

The Red Album, 2008

James (101X Sales Manager): It’s like asking for my two favorite venereal diseases.   The most overrated alt rock band of all time.  They are the Weird Al Yankovic for Millennials.  Nothing but novelty hits with pop culture references.  That being said: Pork and Beans. Thank you for letting me vent!

CJ Morgan: Only here because of the music video.


13) The Good Life

Pinkerton, 1996

Trevin: Funky dude’s unite!

John Laird (Homegrown): Hard to argue with someone telling you to shake that booty, make sweet love all night, and to not be a no-man.

CJ Morgan: I do like the song but putting and not listing it would destroy any and all music hipster cred I have. Also, that’s Mary Lynn Rajskub in the video (I think).

James: I do like the Good Life.


12) The World Has Turned

Blue Album, 1994

CJ: We could just make this entire list the Blue Album, right? But what fun would that be.


11) In the Garage

Blue Album, 1994

CJ:  No, really, we could.


10) Hero

Berenice (101x Marketing Director): Because it is the song we need during quarantine an perhaps it can be an anthem for essential workers.


9) Africa

Teal Album, 2019

CJ: Takes balls to cover the greatest song ever written and Weezer nailed it.

Weird Brunch Podcast: It’s Toto’s Africa. Come on!


8) Dope Nose

Maladroit, 2002

Lawless: Off the beaten path I love both the singles from maladroit. Especially dope nose. Love the chunky guitar on that record, though the songs are a little inconsistent.

Jason Dick: I like Dope Nose. It’s like the sequel to Hash Pipe and has the lyric “Cheese smells so good On a burnt piece of lamb“ What the fuck does that even mean? Drugs are awesome.


7) Hash Pipe

Green Album, 2001

Vivi (101X Digital Content): Hash Pipe reminds of blasting this in the living room with my sisters as a kid. I never knew the words but I loved mimicking Rivers’ first verse. Plus, it’s a banger.

Ari (ACL Radio): This song reminds me of sneaking out of my house back in high school and driving around my neighborhood late at night.

CJ: As the kids say, this one slaps. Plus it has been covered by Todd Rundgren, Toto and more 80s hit churning artists.


6) Undone (The Sweater Song)

Blue Album, 1994

Producer Katy: Because everyone needs a sweater song!

Dylan the Video Guy: The song that introduced Weezer to the world still remains my favorite. Silly lyrics and sweet distorted guitars in the chorus make it a 90s classic. And for all the criticism of Weezer becoming a novelty act the last few years, I mean come on, their first hit is called The Sweater Song.

Nick: The sweater song is my least favorite because of the part where everyone sounds stoned when they’re talking about going to the party.


5) Island in the Sun

Green Album, 2001

Jason Dick: Island in the Sun is my fave Weezer song. Bc it’s awesome but also bc when they played FEC in 200? they let me and a buncha listeners come on stage and play acoustic guitar to that song. Actually it was kinda bull shit. None of us were plugged in. I wanted to crank it up and break off some wailing lead! Fuck them.

Spency (weekends, Jason & Deb): on account of being a catchy pop jam. Easygoing, simple, and memorable. Plus it was all over the radio on various formats. Infectious a/f.

Dylan: No vacation/summer mix is complete without Island in the Sun. Even while quarantining in my backyard over the summer, this song offered a much needed mental escape from the outside world on fire.

Berenice: Because it was in my favorite Mary Kate and Ashley movie and hashpipe because I had it on a mix cd when I first got my car and it was the only cd in there for a while so I have fond memories

CJ: This one is emotionally special because it makes me think of a friend who loved this song that passed while I was playing it regularly during my junior college radio days.


4) El Scorcho

Pinkerton, 1996

John: The most sing-a-long-worthy song from a band with a lot of sing-a-long-worthy songs.

Spency:  because it was one of my first finds online via file sharing sites. It was raw, and I dug it. I was very emotional in my youth, and this song struck a chord with me. Turns out the whole Pinkerton album had a raw, self produced feel to it, but I didn’t discover that until a recent revisit.

Weird Brunch Podcast: It’s El Scorcho and everyone who doesn’t agree has never heard the song.


3) Buddy Holly

Blue Album, 1994

Momo (101X Promotions, ACL Radio): Buddy Holly b/c it’s corny and reminds me of 5th grade even though it came out the year I was born.

CJ Morgan: Okay so this IS the song that started it all. Is it better than El Scorcho or Undone? No. Still, it deserves most of the credit for putting Weezer on the radio and on MTV with that wonderful Happy Days music video.


2) Say It Aint So

Blue Album, 1994

John: Heavy stuff, man.

CJ: Oh, so you thought Weezer were just a goofy fun band with light lyrics aimed at burgeoning middle schoolers who didn’t have a problem or care in the world other than hacky sack? Well we certainly got slapped in the face with the third single from the Blue Album, didn’t we?

 Ari: I mean how could you not love this Weezer song?


1) Only in Dreams

Blue Album, 1994

CJ Morgan: Why on Earth is a 8 minute (the longest to date) mostly instrumental track the best of all time? Because it is, fuck you I wrote this click-bait that’s why! Okay, I am kidding… kinda… keep scrolling.


1) My Name is Jonas

Blue Album, 1994

Trevin: Does not get much better for an opening song.

Lawless: Album 1 side 1 track 1, my name is Jonas is definitely my favorite.

CJ Morgan: Dare I say this is the song that started it all? I mean, being the first track you heard when you put the Blue Album cassette in the tape player it was for most kids (outside perhaps Buddy Holly on MTV or the radio).

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