Memorable Bond Themes From Paul McCartney to Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

James Bond films are a part of cinematic lore that span nearly five decades. They are also packed with time honored traditions such as composing the main theme. What began with Dr. No and the John Barry Orchestra has sprawled into numerous efforts by the biggest names in music. That most recent honor is held by the current biggest name in music: Billie Eilish. Last night she dropped the score for No Time To Die (tune in at 2:50 today and we will blast the new Billie Bond theme over the airwaves together) and it got me to thinking about some of my favorite themes from the past. Here are a few of my favorite weird, whack and wonderful James Bond songs.

Duran Duran – A View to a Kill

Duran Duran are worth mentioning first because they seemed like the first artist to make the Bond theme their own. It also happens to be the first time it hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Adele – Skyfall

Skyfall set the gold standard for what dark, seriously affair a Bond movie can be. It aloso cemented, in my opinion, Daniel Craig as the best Bond. The brooding score for Skyfall and Adele’s lyrics perfectly set the tone for the movie (though it does kind of go on for a bit and flatten out).

Billie Eilish – No Time To Die

Speaking of brooding, the lady of the hour shall forever go down in history (sorry boomers) thanks to this wonderful theme.

Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die

This fast paced ballad has gone from theme song to a staple of classic rock radio and Sir Paul’s live performances.

Alicia Keys & Jack White – Another Way To Die

Speaking of making the Bond theme your own, this one slaps hard and has Alicia & Jack’s unique creativity all over it.

Tom Jones – Thunderball

This one is just goofy over the top fun.

Madonna – Die Another Day

This take went a little too goofy and over the top but it is still a memorable one.

Chris Cornell – You Know My Name

Oh what could have been! When I found out we were getting another ‘rock’ theme I was excited but this one just falls flat. It is not bad, just could have been much better.

Garbage – The World Is Not Enough

Though the movie was panned by critiques I actually loved The World is Not Enough (maybe because I was good at the video game whereas my friends were all killer at Golden Eye). Anyhow, I also liked the theme and music video from Garbage.

Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger

I mean. Wow. This is vintage perfection Bond theme music NOTHING CAN BEAT THIS!

Well, except maybe…

Shirley Bassey – Diamonds are Forever

YAS KWEEEEN. This. Is. The. Best. Bond. Cover. Ever.

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