I Was A Male Exotic Dancer

CJ Morgan

Several months ago my ex sent me a few pictures she had from my college days. Being one who loves humiliation (and blog clicks) I decided to post them.

Soon after, another ex let me know she had the video. That’s right, video. I asked her to send it, which she did, and after a week of debating whether or not to share it I’ve again decided I need the humiliation and blog clicks. 

I was a male exotic dancer

The story begins in the Fall of 2003. I had moved to San Marcos and enrolled at Southwest Texas State University. I didn’t have money, my truck broke down and rent was due. It’s in that moment of desperation that I decided to rush a Fraternity. It was there I learned to tan, to lift weights, to wax my body and most important, to dance.

Every October, our chapter held a fundraising event called Chippendales. Pledges had to go on stage in groups of three and perform for a theater filled with sorority girls and steamy co-eds. So you see, it’s true, I was a male exotic dancer.

PS: I’m the bro in the middle. Enjoy!

No Shit Note: this video is bad. We don’t need your comments



CJ Morgan’s Sexy Dad Bod



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