The First Vine Celebrity

cj morgan on vine

TikTok is all the rage right now but it truly was Vine where I shined. From April of 2013 until August of that same year I loved cranking out silly, short looping videos. As you can tell from my YouTube or Facebook Video pages, I love coming up with stupid bits to tape. The majority of these never see the light of day because often I just don’t have the ability to produce what I envision in my minds eye. That and I am just lazy.

Vine opened up something creative and new for me to explore. You have six seconds, one take, and it loops. Those are the rules. Eventually, however, Vine slowly begun to die thanks to re-Vines, Vine celebs, epic meetups and eventually Instagram just stole what they did and made it ten seconds longer.

What follows is probably half of my ‘creative’ vines in order, of me recording them. The first in April of 2013 – August of 2013.



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