21 Easy and Fun April Fool’s Day Pranks

a toilet

April Fool’s Day is almost here! Don’t stress about setting up elaborate, over-the-top gags. I am a year-round prankster (now known as troll). Here are a few simple and fun things you can do to make the most out of your April Fool’s Day and the worst out of someone else’s.

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1) Paint clear drying nail polish on a bar of soap



2) Mix a bowl of M&M’s with Skittles and set out at the office

bowl of m and ms


3) Remove the cardboard from a TP roll, wet it, and form it to look like poopa toilet


4) Fill your ex’s mailbox with bees



5) Replace the orange juice with water and mac n cheese powder

pouring orange juice


6) Replace someone’s hand sanitizer with lube

hand sanitize


7) Fill your ex’s shower head with bees

shower head


8) Set up an air horn as a door stop

woman opening a door


9) Hide a jar of bees in your ex’s desk at work

jar of bees


10) Add sour cream to the creamer



12) Replace all your ex’s bees with red wasps

a wasp


(since some of you are really stupid i feel the need to tell you not to actually sting that whore with bees, no matter how much of a bitch she is)




[also – this is a joke and this is a fictional girlfriend i am referencing for the sake of humor]

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