Tom Morello Shares Influential Track ‘You Belong to Me’

Tom Morello

Tom Morello has released a powerful new track called “You Belong to Me” that centers on slave rebellion and the fight for freedom.

“A desire for freedom and the dream of successful rebellion are often the greatest objects of song, art, and culture amongst the enslaved population,” said Morello. In “You Belong to Me,” the guitarist specifically sings about Nat Turner’s rebellion in 1831 in Southampton County, Virginia. “Master’s shot went wide/Nat Turner stood him on his knees/The plantation burned around them/Master cursed and whispered, ‘Please.”

Morello’s vision of the song was conveyed in a released visual piece. The music video displays a word-for-word story, perfectly capturing Morello’s lyrics.

“Our present is tethered to our past. The overseer’s whip & noose of history are today echoed in the policeman’s baton & pistol. I had a very clear idea I wanted to express with the song & the video and that is: Sometimes, enough is enough.”

Watch the music video below.


Photo: Stan Martin Photography

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