New Music Friday ft. Tame Impala, Billie Joe Armstrong, The Flaming Lips, and More

collage of Tame Impala, Green Day, The Flaming Lips

Tame Impala | 070 Shake’s “Guilty Conscience” Remix

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala just released a remix of 070 Shake’s track “Guilty Conscience.” The original song is featured in 070 Shake’s debut album Modus Vivendi. Tame Impala’s remix has some psychedelic and trippy vibes to it, of course. Listen to it below:


The Flaming Lips | You n Me Sellin’ Weed

The Flaming Lips have a new single out from their upcoming album American Head. Note, this is the band’s 21st full-length album set to be released on September 11! The dreamlike track is called “You n Me Sellin’ Weed.” A music video was also released for the new song. The video itself is quite meditative as frontman Wayne Coyne looks out his rolled-down window with a view of the sunset, all while the wind effortlessly blows through his hair. Check it out below.


Billie Joe Armstrong | Cover of The Equals’ “Police on My Back”

Another killer quarantine cover from the one and only Billie Joe Armstrong. The Green Day frontman covered The Equals’ 1967 classic “Police on My Back,” a track that was also covered by The Clash in the early ’80s. Armstrong’s version is an accurate rendition of The Clash’s edition. The singer shared the song on his No Fun Mondays online series. “This was originally written and performed by The Equals, Eddy Grant’s beat group from the 60. And of course The Clash slay it,” wrote Armstrong. Check out the cover below.


Fiona Apple | New York Doesn’t Like Your Face

Fiona Apple has co-written a song for the new animated series Central Park. The new track, called “New York Doesn’t Like Your Face” will be incorporated in the show’s season finale. Apple worked with composer David Lucky to create the tune. Audra McDonald, who voices the main character of the show, Ashley, is the vocalist for the new song. Listen to it below.


Photos: Getty Images/Shutterstock and Jacob Villarreal

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