New Music Friday Ft. Phantogram, The Aces, Foster The People, And More


Phantogram – The Ceremony 

Phantogram, the rock duo from New York, released their new album The Ceremony this week. The Ceremony is a reflection of life without Sarah Berthel’s late sister Beck, and navigating and expressing all the emotions associated. Barthel told SPIN, “Being in a band in general, you’re in a fucking bubble.” She said, “ … you realize, you’re like, ‘Oh OK, this is what’s going on, and these things and this problem and this person.’ And all of our problems that I feel like, at times, were put on hold, come back.”



The Aces – “Daydream”

Girl gang quartet, The Aces, are off a two-year release hiatus with their new single “Daydream.” You might recognize this playful rock band hailing from Provo, Utah from our very own 101X Backstage Hideout during ACL Fest back in 2019 or their breakout album When My Heart Felt Volcanic. In “Daydream,” we hear more of an electric influence blended with their core rock n’ roll identity. It’s a summertime bop about the little things we do to remember and cherish the ones we love and memories we hold dearly. It’s a nostalgic sound, dipped in the naivety and optimism of youthful love. Take a listen below.



Foster People & Louis The Child – “Every Color”

Louis the Child and Foster the People joined forces to create a new single “Every Color.” It’s an upbeat mashup of the two sounds into a singular psychedelic experience with electronic and hypnotic influences. The accompanying video by Nate Mohler and Adam Knauer is a video visualizer with animation. It features a neon labyrinth with flashing lights that is reminiscent of the old-school Windows 3D Brick maze screensaver. Louis the Child will be on their Here for Now tour starting on April 10th. They’ll be in Austin April 22nd and April 23rd at Stubb’s. In contrast, although Foster the People joined us at Austin City Music Festival last fall, they do not have any upcoming show dates in Austin.




More New Music Out This Week:


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