New Episode of YungBlud’s Series Coming this Week

Yungblud performing

It’s called The Yungblud Show. Hosted and created by Yungblud himself.

The popular YouTube series is returning this week. A new episode is premiering on Thursday, June 25 and all proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter.

Yungblud shared an enthusiastic teaser for the upcoming show, and said there’s a special announcement to come. The new episode will have Paris Hilton and activist and author Kenidra R. Woods as special guests.

“I know the past couple of months have been very scary and weird, so I would like to take this opportunity to say fuck racism, fuck homophobia, as always fuck the coronavirus, and fuck Mr. Donald Trump. I’ll see you Thursday,” said the artist.

Back in April, he released a new single called “Weird” that he wrote before the coronavirus pandemic occurred. However, the UK punk artist felt it was the right time to release the song.

Yungblud joined 101X in 2018 for an intimate performance and a game of bowling. Look back at his acoustic rendition of “I Love You, Will You Marry Me.”

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