10 Songs to Get You Through This Weird AF Time

my chemical romance

Let’s face it—you’re not okay, and neither are we. We are in unprecedented times. We’re scared, frustrated, and really want to get out of the house. How can we cope? Well,  to combat the COVID blues, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 songs that are getting us through this time, for your convenience:


1) I’m Not Okay- My Chemical Romance

I mean, how were we NOT going to put this one on the list? It’s angsty, a throwback, and still a banger. Throw this sucker on and clean that area of the house you’ve been avoiding since Billie Eilish made it big. You may not feel totally better afterward, but it feels like someone out there sympathizes with you.


2) Still feel.- half-alive

The entire planet may be in disarray but look at you, champ. You’re still here, and we’re pretty damn happy about it. This song is too. The grooviness of half-alive’s 2018 bop is sure to get at least a foot-tapping and the lyrics are pretty good at making you realize that you’re still here, and as long as that’s the case, the show ain’t over yet.  (Pssst. We also hosted these guys last year for an X-Session, watch it here.)


3) Caution- The Killers

The Killers are back, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Caution is the first new single off their upcoming album Imploding the Mirage, and though it isn’t quite as explosive as the last album’s sassy single The Man, it is a hark back to that 80’s synth sound The Killers are known for, and it has a pretty snazzy guitar solo to boot. This is a good song to put on when you’re chilling on your newly ordered hammock from Amazon with a beer in hand.


4) Knights of Cydonia- Muse

There once was a time that Muse was known for more than just their Twilight-soundtrack singles, and that time was pretty effing amazing. Knights of Cydonia off their 2006 album Black Holes and Revelations is a RIDE. And our money is on this track being the one on this list that is most likely going to help you perfect those air guitar skills.


5) Something to Believe In- Young the Giant

Remember this one? The one we played a lot circa 2016? Well, we did that for good reason. The steady beat isn’t overbearing, but the lyrics are sure to hype you up. It’s a song you know the chorus to that won’t offend your quarantine roommate’s sensitive ears but lifts the mood and might make you forget you ran out of chips the same day you bought them.


6) Is Everybody Going Crazy? -Nothing But Thieves

Looking for a solid pop-rock track to lose yourself in? Look no further! Nothing But Thieves’ newest single is a reprieve for your ears that have been listening to the same old 5 songs on your playlist you made back in December. The song starts super pop-heavy, but a sweet guitar solo shows up out of nowhere and makes you go, “Oh, okay. This is what we’re doing now? Hell yeah.”


7) (Your Love) Déjà Vu- Glass Animals

A favorite in our 101X office, Glass Animals never does disappoint. While we were super pumped to see them in March, (they were due to stop by during SXSW) COVID-19 swiftly laid those plans to rest. Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their newest single, Déjà Vu, which has that undeniable Glass Animals tribal drum sound that makes you dance like this pandemic is finally over. It’s not, but for a moment, it sure felt that way.


8) Icky Thump- The White Stripes

An oldie, but a goodie. Jack White can really do no wrong, and his work on The White Stripes remains iconic. Who knew you could rock out to bagpipes? We sure didn’t. Chances are you heard this song a long while back, but the nostalgia smacks you so hard, this song always hits just right. Give this one a listen when you’re a little angry that you’re on day 23,298 of quarantine. It’ll get those feels out and make you say, “One day this will be over, and I’ll get to see Jack White perform again. Damnit.”


9) Sunflower- Rex Orange County

Let’s slow things down a little, yes? Sunflower is a chill song from our most recent Concert Series star, Rex Orange County. It makes the sun shine down through your window and will give you insane Amy Winehouse vibes. It’s pretty hard to believe the English singer is only 21 years old, and it makes us excited to see what else he’ll come up with. Listen to this track when you’re finally done with your workday from the kitchen table and just poured yourself a well-deserved cocktail.


10) Helena Beat- Foster the People

Whatever crappy mood you’re currently in, this song will swiftly beam down from the heavens and enter your eardrums instilling so much positive energy that we simply won’t know what to do with you. Okay. Maybe that won’t happen, but this song is so positive! I mean, listen to it! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of us telling you this is going to be over someday. Yes, really! And in the meantime, we’ll be here too.


Think there’s something we missed? Well, call in and request it! We’re still on the line at 512-835-1015.

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