UKTX: A Playlist + Friday’s Entry

king creosote - susie mullen


That song that had you wiggling in your car seat at 1 was today’s UKTX featured bop, King Creosote’s “Susie Mullen.” “King” is Scotland’s Kenny Anderson, who releases music at the frequency that some of us breathe. He’s 40 albums into a career spanning less than a couple of decades. One of those records, a collaborative effort with soundtrack specialist Jon Hopkins in 2011, even was in the Mercury Prize best-British-album-of-the-year conversation.

This one’s a standalone (so far):

And it’s included here as part of a composite playlist, including this week’s featured songs (top) and stuff we played through the first few months of the year before UKTX went on hold:

UKTX airs weekdays at 1pm on 101X!

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