New Music Friday – Homeshake, Bayonne (3/8)

New Music Friday

SXSW is kicking off this Weekend but don’t you worry, we’ve got new releases for the occasion:


Bayonne- Temporary Time (Orchestrated)

Austin-based electronic artist Bayonne released a unique Orchestrated studio album titled “Temporary Time.” This edition of his Ep is released today, the album delves into themes inspired by personal experiences, particularly the emotional experiences Bayonne has been going through in his personal life. “Temporary Time encapsulates the journey that followed from his Dad’s cancer diagnosis. Each track address this journey is some manner. Accompanying this release on YouTube you can find a trailer to the album.



Bleachers- Bleachers

Renowned producer Jack Antonoff, known for his collaborations with musical artist like Taylor Swift, The 1975, and Lana Del Rey, is gearing up to show the latest offering from his own band, Bleachers. There self titled album not only showcases Antonoff’s exceptional production skills but also features his talents as a performer. This self-titled release marks Bleachers’ fourth studio album since Antonoff founded the group back in 2013. Bleachers’ new album brings Antonoff’s creative vision to life, blending the bands melodies with heartfelt lyrics in a way that only he can.


Homeshake — CD Wallet

Since the release of Peter Sagar’s Homeshake project in the early 2010s, he has crafted a new sound of bedroom R&B that creates and airy feel mixed with various guitar sounds. With his sixth album, “CD Wallet,” Sagar reconnects with his musical background and embrace the guitar-driven sounds that first captivated him. While his songs still have a touch of melancholy, they now pivot towards straight-up indie rock, and consisting of R&B influence. This shift towards shoegaze and slowcore might seem unexpected for Homeshake but sounds completely natural. The slow tempos and heavy guitars intertwine nicely with Sagar’s signature songwriting style.A highlight on the album is “Listerine” which is a ten-minute journey of space-rock melancholy. Even as Homeshake delves into a new sound it feels natural and just makes sense. “CD Wallet” is some of Sagar’s most compelling work to date. With this album, he not only demonstrates his versatility as a musician but also shows off his ability to create emotion through music.


Mayday Parade- Lofi EP

Mayday Parade has just releases their latest EP, “Mayday Parade Lofi.” This exciting project is a collaborative project with Less Gravity. This entails for an infusion of dreamy twists into some of the band’s classics. The Lofi EP is an experimental change from their classic sound. The Lofi EP is a creative experiment that the band was eager to explore. Witness their sound adapt to the Lofi genre. Among the tracks featured is, “Jamie All Over (lofi),” which is a rendition of their fan favorite track and taken with a new approach.

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