(9/6/20) Monty’s Catch of the Day – Actress

Actress - "Walking Flames (ft. Sampha)"

Today’s catch comes from the electronic band Actress. It’s called “Walking Flames“, and features Sampha, one of the best voices on Chillville. Straight from their press release…

After recent mixtape “88”, Actress reveals new album “Karma & Desire”. ‘Walking Flames’ featuring Sampha is out now.

“Karma & Desire” includes guest collaborations from Sampha, Zsela and Aura T-09 and more. It’s “a romantic tragedy set between the heavens and the underworld” says Actress (Darren J. Cunningham) “the same sort of things that I like to talk about – love, death, technology, the questioning of one’s being”. The presence of human voices take the questing artist into new territory.

‘Walking Flames’: “These are like graphics that I’ve never seen / My face on another human being / The highest resolution / Don’t breathe the birth of a new day.”

Flute-like melodies contributed by Canadian organist and instrument builder Kara-Lis Coverdale.

“Karma & Desire” is out on 23rd October 2020 on Ninja Tune…

You can listen to today’s catch from Actress called “Walking Flames (ft. Sampha)” in the YouTube player below. Good things!

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