(6/28/20) Monty’s Catch of the Day – Cut Copy

Cut Copy - "Cold Water"
Image provided by YouTube

Today’s catch comes from Chillville favorites, Cut Copy. The Australian electronic band have just announced they will be releasing a new album later this summer called Freeze, Melt; their first in three years. With that comes the release of a brand new single “Cold Water”, which is today’s catch. This is what Dan from Cut Copy has to say about the single…

I’d moved to Copenhagen and had been listening to a lot more ambient and instrumental electronic music and as a result “Cold Water” felt quite different to songs we’d made in the past. It was less dance, but more atmospheric. Also the subject matter explores love in today’s context, where the climate and fate of the planet are becoming increasingly uncertain. Once we’d finished it, it felt like we’d placed a marker in the ground, guiding us in a new musical direction.

“Cold Water” is one of my favorite songs by the band, and shows how they just keep improving with their sound as the years go by. I am looking forward to hearing more from the band and hearing the entire album in August. You can listen to today’s catch “Cold Water” by Cut Copy in the YouTube player below. Good things!

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