(11/22/20) Monty’s Catch of the Day – Com Truise

Com Truise - "Compress—Fuse"

Today’s catch of the day comes from Seth Haley, better known as Com Truise. The electronic musician has been a long time Chillville favorite and know he is getting ready to release a brand new compilation album called In Decay, Too on 12/4. You can actually say it is somewhat of a sequel to 2012’s original compilation In Decay, and will be somewhat of an end to the sound he has been known for. Today’s catch is the ethereal and 80’s sci-fi sounding “Compress—Fuse“. I think it’s one of his best songs and really takes you on a smooth, cosmic journey to the stars. According to his website…

In Decay, Too unlocks a new set of rarities and unheard fragments from the past for the producer’s legion of fans…Haley’s singular style of melodic beat music is the work of countless iterations; with In Decay, Too, his idiosyncratic exercises, experiments, and pivots pause for a rightful wave of appreciation.

You can listen to today’s catch “Compress—Fuse” by Com Truise in the YouTube player below. Good things!

Com Truise

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