METALLICA, up close and personal
Posted 10/3/2013 4:18:00 PM

So, last week my man Chickity Chuck and I got a very rare opportunity to sit down with Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett of Metallica!  Yes, they were in town. (Well, Cedar Park, technically)  But, in any event, they were in town to promote the new Imax concert film, Metallica Through the Never. I must say, the guys were great.  Super nice and engaging.  Also, very tired from a HUGE promo run for the new flick. 

Chuck and I got to see the film earlier THAT MORNING... Yes, a full on Metallica show at 9 am....  But, I thought the film was great.  I would definately reccomend it to not only fellow Metallica fans, but also people who may not know their music.  To experience the show in IMAX and in 3D brings the show to life.  You'll leave the theatre wanting to go to a Metallica show, no doubt.  And, for anyone that doesn't much care about Metallica, I'm betting you will be leaving with a new found respect for the band, the musicianship and the monster that IS a METALLICA SHOW!  Check out the interview.  (By the way, Chuck asked MANY questions, but due to editing for time, everything was just kind of mashed together.  Hope you enjoy)


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