The Next Big Thing?
Posted 7/2/2013 1:26:00 PM

Sometimes, things just happen quickly.  Case in point:  Lorde.  She is from New Zealand and some are already calling her the next Queen of Pop.  Her latest single, "Royals" is EXPLODING on the charts here in the U.S. and she has only release an E.P.  Oh, did I mention she is only 16?  Yeah.  SO there it is.  You should definitely check her out.  Below is her latest single.  Watch the vid and grip that track.  You're gunna dig it.  Also, I had the chance to chat with her on the phone the other day.  You can hear the interview just below her pic just to the right of this text.  Just click the "Play" button.



Posted By: Toby  
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