Posted 9/17/2013 4:51:00 PM

I've been a fan of P.O.S. for YEARS.  The kid is unbelievably talented.  Not only is he a solo Hip Hop Artist, he is also a member of the collective, Doomtree.  Also, he is in a punk band called, Wharf Rats that features members from Anti Flag and Gallows, ALSO a project called Four Fists with Astronautalis AND a member of the Minneapolis supergroup, Gayngs, featuring members of The Rosebuds, Solid Gold and Bon Iver.  By the way, He will be in town playing a show at Red 7 on October 18th.  I suggest you hit the concert calender page and grab tix.

So, check out this track from P.O.S. featuring Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.  It's called "How We Land".


You're going to dig it.

Posted By: Toby  
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