Chillville Staff Pick - The xx
Posted 11/8/2012 9:46:00 PM


The first time The xx was played on Chillville was in 2009 for "Monty's Catch of the Day". It was the Chris Isaak-esque track "Infinity" off their critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize Winning album, XX. Little did we know that this band would grow up in front of our eyes to be one of the biggest bands on the show. Jamie Smith (Jamie xx) has been quite the busy guy since the first release, becoming one of the hottest DJ's/producers. He has remixed the likes of Radiohead, Florence + the Machine, and Glasser, which all have been played on Chillville. He also worked with the late, great Gil Scot-Heron on a fantastic collaborative album called We're New Here, which mixes old-school with the new. Jamie's experience has become the biggest impact on the band's sophomore release of 2012's Coexist, especially since he produced the entire album. He has done a great job of keeping the same formula on the first album that we've all grown to love, while adding a bit more of electronics. This is very apparent on our Chillville staff pick called "Chained". Not only is it the second single off the approximately 37-minute long album, but it's a perfect example of how the newer elements & sounds have been added in. The xx will be on a U.S. tour in 2013, with a stop here in Austin on February 12 at ACL Live. Click on this link for more information about this show, and to order your tickets. Good things!

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