introducing...Youngblood Hawke
Posted 7/31/2012 12:23:00 PM

Last time we saw the principals in Youngblood Hawke, they were playing behind a white rapper named Jarvis in the LA surf-party outfit Iglu and Hartly at SXSW '09.  Jarvis dropped a few f-bombs on our airwaves, in fact, from the couch at Buffalo Billiards one afternoon--before he wound up being hauled in by APD for running naked through the Hilton and punching a security guard that night.   Exit Iglu and Hartly soon after that--no great loss, as the band pretty much sucked. Well, mostly.  They had some great melodies that got kinda lost behind that idiot standing in front of the band.  So, with said idiot out, I&H founding members Simon Katz and Sam Martin have launched Youngblood Hawke.  There's been a handful of songs floating around the web ahead of a planned August EP release, the latest being my staff pick, "We Come Running."  Keep an ear out on 101X, and check it out below. 

Posted By: Lynn  
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