Reasons to Love Frank Turner (And How to Win Tickets to his Show)
Posted 9/11/2013 1:00:00 PM

Frank Turner is a self-proclaimed "international crime fighter" and "skinny half-arsed English country singer." We're giving away tickets on air all week for his November show. But if you haven't heard much about Frank Turner and his awesomeness, here are some reasons to love him (and to tune in for those tickets).

He was into folk-rock before it was cool. Frank started doing his solo acoustic act in 2005 after the split of his punk rock band. And we’re not talking the typical English-dude-plays-at-fake-American-folk. His particular flavor of folk has an emphasis on rock and sometimes reeks of the more traditional English sound. It’s definitely working, cause his most recent album that came out earlier this year, Tape Deck Heart, was his fifth studio album.

He keeps punk alive. He used to be the frontman for a punk band way, way back in the day called Million Dead (back when he was pretty young).

But his current music still has that punk edge to it, even though it’s based on the acoustic guitar. The music may be folk-y, but his lyrics keep that punk rock angst feeling. Plus, he’s not afraid to speak his mind about politics or the state of things. He constantly blogs about music, life on the road, and pretty much anything. Frank also gives interview all the time and openly talks about his liberal tendencies and how that has affected his life.

"I’m young and bored of being young and bored –
If I was old I could say I’d seen it all before.
In short, I’m tired, and in short I’m probably fired.
If the revolution doesn’t want me, I don’t give a sh**."
- Frank Turner, "Once We Were Anarchists"

He likes beer. Enough said.

He’s down to Earth. Frank played Wembley Stadium in London. He played during the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. But he doesn’t really care. He says he’s constantly surprised that he’s actually making it. He's just like us.

He has a tattoo of Texas. Yep. He got it here in Austin, too. He said he was drunkenly convinced to get it. We certainly don’t regret it.


Don't forget that we’re giving away tickets all week for his Nov. 2 show at Mohawk, so be sure to listen for your chance to score.

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