311 Announce New Album & 3-11 Day Plans
Posted 7/16/2013 1:15:00 PM

311 made a couple big announcements in the past few days. The band, known for their loyal following, made an announcement regarding next year's 3-11 Day, a day dedicated to the band's fanbase celebrated every other year with a large concert event. The announcements came in the midst of an action-packed summer tour with Cypress Hill and G Love. The tour hits Austin at the ACL Live Moody Theater next Friday the 26th.

311 announced the return of 311 Day to New Orleans after their 2012 Vegas concert. This marks the return to the original location of the 3-11 Day concert, and only their 2nd time to bring the holiday back to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

If a 6+ hour concert is not enough for the excitable ones to get excited about, the band also announced a new album to coincide with the concert. It appears the group may have dropped producer Bob Rock after his work on Uplifter and Universal Pulse in favor of former engineer Scott Ralston. Ralston has a long history with the band recieving engineering credits from their debut release Music all the way up to From Chaos, the 2001 release that sparked the hits "Amber", "I'll Be Here Awhile", and "You Wouldn't Believe".

Guitarist Tim Mahoney recently told Rooster Magazine:

"Scott knows us better than anybody, not too many bands get to play with the same group of people that long and get to know them well. As time goes on, it’s becoming a strength as far as knowing each other, and it helps us work together even better. As long as everyone’s inspired and on the same page of being happy and wanting to play music together, it will keep evolving in a positive way."

The coincidence of 3-11 Day falling on a Tuesday, the day new albums are released, in 2014 has helped shaped what will turn into a historical landmark for the band. The upcoming release will be the band's 11th studio album. Since 2011's Universal Pulse was the band's shortest release to date, fans have only had 8 new songs to feed on since 2009's Uplifter. The upcoming 3-11 Day concert and album release are just what any 311 junkie needs to feel at ease once again.

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