• NO CONTROL Radio Replay 4/18/14

    Trying to get ready for record store day, plus the good v evil Easter battle rages, so you get new music from Triptykon, Mastodon, Down, Crowbar, Misery Index, Insomnium, Killer Be Killed plus old stu...



  • NCR Playlist 4/18/14
    HOUR ONE    
    artist song title album title
    Hey John, What's Your Name Again  Plagues 
    Wings of Feather and Wax  Killer be Killed 
    High Road  Once More Around the Sun 
    Forgive Me Father  Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa 
    While We Sleep  Shadows of the Dying Sun 
    Salted Crypts  Blissf*cker 
    War Eternal War Eternal 
    Rational Gaze  Nothing 
    Devastator Breaker 
    The Heretic Anthem  Iowa
    Give Up The Witch  Ep 
    HOUR TWO    
    artist song title album title
    Dechristianize  Dechristianize 
    In League With Satan  In League With Satan 
    Hellelujah (God is Dead)  Impressions In Blood 
    Psywar  Esoteric Warfare 
    The Calling  The Killing Gods 
    Death Will Reign  Death Will Reign 
    Cross to Bier  Blood For Blood 
    We Knew Him Well  Down IV: Part II 
    My Own Summer  Around the Fur 
    Mouth of Kala  L'Enfant Sauvage 
    No Love Lost  Heartwork 
    Don't Try to Buy Your Way Into Heaven  Ep 
    HOUR THREE    
    artist song title album title
    Disciple God Hates us All 
    Walk With Knowledge Wisely  Symmetry In Black 
    Malato Terminale Nero in Metastasi 
    Ziltoid Ataxxx!!!  Ziltoid the Omniscient 
    Hallowed Be Thy Name  Number of the Beast 
    Seven Years Alone  The Beauty of Destruction 
    In the Sleep of Death  Melana Chasmata 
    Song of the Crippled  Ep