De-Nickification 2.15
Posted 5/30/2013 2:30:00 PM

Had the first Crossfit workout of the week yesterday and it was a good one. There were squats and cleans and ring dips, and even some running.  Needless to say it kicked my ass but for the first time I felt like it was kicking my ass because I was crushing a workout and not because I'm an out of shape fatass. So that was a milestone in and of itself.  I also feel like a real Crossfiteer in that practically every part of my body now has some sort of malady going on. My left hip feels like it's constantly about to pop out of place, my right knee feels swollen and tight, and my bum shoulder from a dirt bike crash three years ago has always been an issue but now I swear I can feel a random bone poking out. My entire body feels beat up and I absolutely love it.

Today is another hard work out, but I will also be getting my final body composition done afterwards. I'm very confident that I'm going to hit the weight goals needed and tune in tomorrow when we unveil the results of this 5 month endeavor live on air. I'm really looking forward to switching focus from losing weight to packing on muscle. Gonna get ripped!

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