De-Nickification 2.14
Posted 5/28/2013 2:43:00 PM

So this is finally it. I have until the end of the week to be under 220lbs in order to get the Neograft Hair Transplant from Restora Austin, and I feel like I'm 99% sure that I'm already there. I somehow forgot to account for Memorial Day so I'm worried that that might have throw me off track a bit. I didn't go crazy on making poor food choices, but I did consume a good amount of booze calories. Why don't I just get on a scale weigh myself one might ask? Because I'm scared to. The last thing I want to deal with right now is finding out that I'm sabotaged myself right at the finish line and have to go on a two day crash diet or jog around the neighborhood in a sweat suit. That's kind of the oppasite of what I'm going for. This should be about changing the way I think about food and exercise so as to live a healthy lifestyle, not trying to hit some sort of arbitrary number using no-so-safe extreme methods. 

So instead of freaking myself out I'm going to stick with the principles that have gotten me this far, like eating a baby spinach mix salad with homemade vinagarette dressing for dinner after having a protein shake for lunch and going for a good run after work. We'll weigh myself at Crossfit tomorrow and see where were at and how big of a push we need to make in the final few days and go from their. 

But hopefully I've done enough and am already at my target weight and we can do a body comp on Thursday to lock in my final numbers and then use my remaining time with Crossfit Central to put on as many pounds of muscle as I can to get swoll for the summertime!

As always please Like Restora Austin on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, and while you're at it show some love to Snap Kitchen and Crossfit Central. And me too I guess. You know, if you want to.

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