De-Nickification 2.4
Posted 4/10/2013 1:02:00 PM

I just got back from my weekly weigh-in for the radio station's weight loss challenge. I came in at 237.3lbs which means that for the last three weeks I've only lost roughly 3 pounds. Simply put, that's not going to cut it. The end date for losing a total of 30 pounds is July 1st so there's still plenty of time, but I need to start kicking it into overdrive. My goal is under 225. Time to start doing extra work besides just my thrice weekly visits to Crossfit Central

My plan is to start running a couple of miles a day. Which is just a dreadful plan. I know of a couple of people who like to run, but unfortunately I'm not one of them. The key for me is to hit that plateu that all runners reach where it stops sucking and you're just in the zone. If I can do that then I'm good. It's just powering through the suck until I can hit it. That's what's currently stops me.

My plan to overcome this latest obstacle is twofold. One, start doing an extra jog right after my Crossfit workouts when I've still got that post-workout glow going where I feel unstoppable, and two come up with the ultimate run mix. I've been looking online for suggestions and feel free to email me your ultimate run mix. I've already got some Atlas Genius, Imagine Dragons, and Kissaway Trail ready, but that's just a start.

In other news, I had a minor victory today. After the show I really really really wanted to go get a burger from this place down the street, and if I got a burger I knew I was going to get some fries to go with it. I practically had my keys in hand and was about to walk out the door before I came to my senses and instead stuck to what I had brought from home. My turkey sloppy joe on lettuce leaves isn't my most favorite of dishes, going to try putting it on portabella mushrooms next time, but it's enough to resist temptation.

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