De-Nickficiation 2.3
Posted 4/6/2013 1:26:00 PM

So I was supposed to have a video about Crossfit edited by now but I've been slammed at my other jobs the past couple of days. I do these health minute videos for a health news website and we had equipment issues while the boss was out of town. So I'm currently writing this at 9pm while I'm waiting for videos to render and export. Ah, 15 hour workday, how I've missed you. 

Thankfully everything should be back to normal tomorrow. The key thing is that I think I've handled this fairly well. Normally something like this happening would have me all stressed out and thus grumpy and irritable. I probably would have skipped my Crossfit workouts, justifying to myself that I was exhausted and needed the break. Pretty sure eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise has helped me deal with the stress, but it's also a testament to the work I've put into therapy with Dr. Reynolds. 

With three jobs it's been very easy for me to get overwhelmed when trying to balance a bunch of different obligations. For instance I forgot to ask off my weekend bar job to do a 101X promotions event and had to scramble to find someone to cover one. But I've been working on some breathing exercises to help calm myself and focus on one thing at a time instead of crumbling under the pressure.  I've also been working on setting up boundries and not letting myself get over-extended because I'm afraid to say no to something that I need to. 

The point being that it seems it's getting easier to deal with things without freaking out all the time. Go me.

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