De-Nickification 2.2
Posted 4/3/2013 9:21:00 PM

So I finally got an evening to cook up another batch of food last night and even though it took me until 11pm to finish everything I ended up with some really good stuff. You can see the results in the attached picture. I made some cajun sweet potatoe fries, another batch of turkey chili, some paleo turkey sloppy joe mix, and paleo chicken alfredo with sauce made out of ground up cashews and coconut oil. I'm really proud of that last one. I was supposed to use kelp pasta, but apparently they don't sell that at HEB so I used some gluten-free pasta Deb gave me instead.

Had a really good workout tonight featuring sit-ups, kettlebells and throwing a medicine ball up in the air a bunch of times. It was a partner WOD where we traded doing the reps with a partner. Finished 6 rounds in under 18 minutes.  I stuck around after to film some of the coaches going through the Crossfit Games Open workout. Hopefully I'll be able to edit and post the video in Friday's blog.

That's it for tonight, I'm exhausted. I leave you with a picture of what my kitchen sink looked like after cooking all that food. That was not fun cleaning up this afternoon.


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