De-Nickification 2.0
Posted 3/29/2013 12:46:00 PM

It’s been awhile since my last blog update and for that I apologize, but if the De-Nickification has taught me anything it’s that it’s only a setback if you let it prevent you from continuing with your goals. With that in mind I thought I’d outline my plan for De-Nickification 2.0. And I do indeed have a plan even if it might not be as proactive as some would like.

To recap I’ve lost 15 pounds already and Jason and Deb want me to lose another 15. I’m proud to say that even after losing the path for a few weeks of SXSW I was able to not gain any of the weight lost during the I AM Crossfit challenge. In fact as of yesterday I’m down an additional .1 pounds. It’s minute but I’ll take it.

Fortunately for me it looks like I’m going to be able to continue working out with Crossfit Central, which after two weeks without going is clearly the most important thing for me. They’re going even going to let me workout an additional day each week so we’ll be going Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Plus, they always have all kinds of free community workouts and other events that I’m hoping to make as many of as I can.  

March is also the beginning of the Crossfit Games Open. I’m not officially enrolled in the open, but I’m going to be doing the same workouts as everyone at Crossfit Central who is.  Yesterday’s workout of the day, or WOD as we Crossfitters like to call it, was doing increasing sets of Clean and Jerk along with Toe To Bars. The Clean and Jerk consists of lifting the bar from the ground as high as you can, jumping yourself under it and then raising it over your head until your arms lock out. T2B’s are where you hang from a pull up bar and then raise your legs and touch your toes to the bar. I got to 41 reps before the 7 minute time limit.

I’ve also managed to get back on track with eating healthy foods. I doubt I’ll ever be able to summon the willpower to go to a full Paleo diet. I enjoy my Greek yogurt and pasta too much for that, but my mantra for grocery shopping is to make better bad decisions. Buying gluten-free pasta or using pita bread instead of whole wheat, etc. I’ve also only been drinking vodka sodas and no shots when I go out with friends, but I’m considering getting back on the no drinking kick.  And by considering, I mean I’m not going to drink until I inevitably give into temptation and can resist.

The other key diet thing that I’m looking to do is cut back on my portion size. When I was on the Snap Kitchen 21 Day Commit plan I didn’t have to worry about it because they had me on an 1800 calorie plan and everything was prepackaged and perfectly balanced between my fats, protein and carbs. When I started cooking for myself I think was overdoing a bit because I knew it was all healthy foods. But the key to weight loss is still burning more calories than you take in.

So far I think I’ve been doing pretty well with it. Today I sent one of our interns out to get me some breakfast, and instead of getting a taco with a dreaded gluten-filled tortilla I had an omelet with tomatoes and bell peppers added in.  The old Nick would have scarfed the entire thing down, but the new Nick saved half of it to eat for lunch.

Well that’s an entire page of De-Nickification blogness. As part of the De-Nickfication 2.0 I’m also setting a goal of trying to put up a full blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and sprinkle in little updates here and there when I think of something interesting. Like how the guy I was partnered with yesterday during workouts was this super-buff blonde dude who looked like Thor. Turns out he owns his own Crossfit place in Denver and is one of the best Crossfit athletes in the world.


And yes, I totally Facebook-stalked a dude to get that picture.

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