The De-Nickification Of Nick: Body Comp Revealed
Posted 3/7/2013 12:21:00 PM

If you missed it this morning we revealed how much weight I lost in the I AM Crossfit 10 week challenge with Crossfit Central. I was really nervous because I think I've been eating too much. When I was doing Snap Kitchen's 21 Day Snap Commit program I didn't have to worry about portion size because everything was calibrated for me and it was easy to make sure I wasn't taking in too many calories. When I was on my own it's been too easy at times to dismiss it and say it's all healthy food so why worry. But for the last week and a half I've been watching my portion size and making sure I'm not over doing it on the dried cranberry/almond/cashew mix that's my staple snack.

I was expecting to lose around 10 pounds so I was pretty shocked when Deb told me I'd lost a total of 15 pounds and my body fat % was down from almost 28% to 20%. At first I was bummed about the fat percentages. My goal was to get it down to the teens, but when you consider I lost more than 25% of my body fat that's pretty damn impressive. Factoring in that I've gained 7 pounds of muscle and have lost over 20 pounds of fat in 10 weeks I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. 

Even better I don't feel like that's really all that big of a deal. I've been approaching this by focusing on the process not the results. Just keep doing your best to eat the right stuff and bust your ass in the workouts and don't worry about the rest.  So while I'm proud of my accomplishments to me I'm only halfway there.  I want to get my weight down to below 220 pounds and my body fat percentage to below 15%.  In other words the key now is continue working and not letting myself rest on my laurels.

We also found our one rep max for the Crossfit Total workout this week, which consists of a strict shoulder press, back squats and deadlift.  My totals were pretty good considering I haven't lifted seriously since high school. I've embedded videos demonstrating each lift for those who aren't familiar with each lift.


My maxes are:

165 Strict Shoulder Press

295 Back Squat

375 Deadlift


Strict Shoulder Press


Back Squat



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