The De-Nickification of Nick: Week 10
Posted 3/4/2013 4:55:00 PM

This is the final week in Crossfit Central's I AM Crossfit challenge.  I have to admit that it's kind of snuck up on me.  I've got workouts tonight, Wednesday and Thursday and the final I AM Crossfit challenge is Saturday morning. I'm finding the whole thing very conflicting. On the one hand I know that there's NO way I've lost thirty pounds. Which was kind of a ridiculously ambitious goal to begin with, but on the other hand I can definitely tell I at least look like I've lost weight. I've always been more into how I look in the mirror than how much I weigh on the scale so I'm more interested to see my measurements and body fat percentages when I have my final body comp on Wednesday.

I told my Crossfit coach that I don't want her to tell me what my results are so we can do a sealed envelope deal, and I can find out exactly how well I've done live on the air Thursday morning. That gives me only two days left to cram as much De-Nickification in as possible.  The whole thing is nerve-racking with the thought of disappointing Deb. I figure Jason could care less about the whole thing since he's been questioning why I'm bothering with this from the beginning, but I'm not sure how Deb's going to react if I don't lose a substantial amount of weight. 

I just keep telling myself I'm doing all this for me and not for anyone else.  What matters is that at the end of the day I feel like I've done enough to make me happy. But more on that later in the week.  Right now I've got to get to the downtown gym. 

As always please don't forget to like Restora Austin on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  It's the final week and I need one last big push to get them the likes and followers necessary to get the NeoGraft hair transplant.

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