The De-Nickification Of Nick: The Home Stretch
Posted 3/1/2013 12:38:00 PM

It kind of blew my mind the other day when I realized the I AM Crossfit challenge ends next weekend. We're entering the home stretch and now that I have a firm end date in my mind I am determined to make this last week really count. I've been eating some basic salads for lunch and trying to really watch my portions this week and next. I think I may have been eating more than I should even though it's all healthy stuff. Especially with my dried cranberry/almond/cashew nut mix. I've been eating simple spinach green salads with homemade vinaigrette for lunch the past few days and I'm determined to stay on track through the weekend.

It's going to be tough on the diet, because I just started working at a wing place(Wingzup in the Hancock Center) and it drives me crazy every time someone orders the chicken and waffles. Probably going to do that for my celebratory meal as soon as I'm done with the I Am Crossfit challenge. Not sure yet if that means I'll be done with working out at Crossfit Central after next week, but hopefully not. It's been a blast working out with my coach and the people in my class.  But at least I know I've built a solid foundation for continuing this new healthy lifestyle if I do have to do it without the support of the Crossfit Central peeps.

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