The De-Nickification Of Nick: Hitting My Stride
Posted 2/26/2013 11:35:00 AM

I don't know if I'm just imagining it but it seems like the last couple of workouts at Crossfit Central have been really really good ones. Now for a while now I've been feeling like my running and conditioning has been very much improved, but the last two times I've gone it's been at another level beyond that. It started with the last week which I talked about in the last blog post, but again last night I had a really good workout.

We were supposed to just run a mile and do a 2K row on the rowing machines, but because of the wind we had the option to do a modified workout and stay indoors.  I wanted to just do the run and get it over with but the rest of the class chose option B. Which we found out after choosing Option B consisted of a 500m row, 50 wall balls, 300m row, 30 wall balls, 100m row, and 10 wall balls, followed with a 2min non-stop bear crawl, and eight 30sec rounds of sit ups with a 10sec break between each one.  And for the first time ever I was the first person to finish in my class.  Now there was some confusion amongst a couple of people about how many rounds we were doing of the row and wall balls, but I'm going to still count it. Plus, like last week, I felt the effort I was able to give was a step up from what I'd been able to do previously. 

It really feels like I'm turning a corner on the whole thing. I think I've finally been able to get my body into something approaching a decent shape.  I've only got two more weeks left in the I Am Crossfit challenge so hopefully I'll still be able to keep doing Crossfit after it finishes and take advantage of all the work I've already put in.

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