The De-Nickification Of Nick: Vacation Is Horrible For My Diet
Posted 2/16/2013 5:03:00 PM

So I've been on vacation all last week and it has done some horrible things to my diet. I was actually eating pretty decently early in the week but I managed to goof that all up by overdoing the adult beverages because of concerts and other activities I was doing. Let's just say I turned fun dot into fun exclamation point. But these past two days I have eaten practically nothing healthy. It started Thursday night at our Anti-Valentines Day at Pluckers. I even thought about going for the grilled naked wings and a sensible side salad before saying screw that and going for the boneless wings with sweet potatoe fries. Nothing too bad in and of itself, but still not the best choice. 

Now normally I'd say find no big deal, you'll do better next time, but Friday was even worse. It started off at our Alamo Drafthouse broadcast where even though I was off I still showed up to sit in the audience and heckle Jason. I couldn't resist the temptation and had the Drafthouses huevos ranchero during the show and then ordered an entire pepperoni pizza with ranch for the film. I mean was I not supposed to eat while watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse? This is America. Then that night I started training at a new bar, Wingzup in the Hancock Center, and told myself I needed to familiarize myself with their menu and ordered a cheeseburger with waffle fries. Then I topped it off with eating two Rudy's chopped beef sandwiches at another remote with Jason today. I'm trying to justify it all by saying even if it wasn't good for my body it was good for my soul. Unfortunately my soul is extremely obese.

The good news is that I started off today with a group outdoor workout with my I Am Crossfit team at the middle school across the street from the Burnet Rd. Central Crossfit. If you're not familiar with outdoor Crossfit, it's essentially bootcamp style with a large emphasis on cardiovascular workouts over strength.  Lots of running and throwing a medicine ball.  It was my first time doing an outdoor workout and even though I spent the entire time gasping and wheezing I felt amazing afterwards. For some reason with the cardio stuff I always seem to start out slow and then gain a second wind and feel like I could keep going forever. Exercising is weird man.

There is actually a free community outdoor workout going on next Saturday under the Mopac townlake bridge if you guys want to get a feel for what Crossfit is about. I'm 99% sure I'm gonna go.  I'll find out more details and post them here later this week.

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