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"Hot Milk!" - An exclamation of surprise or excitement, often said in the voice of an old, Southern man.

"Randy!" - An exclamation marking someone going ridiculously off-topic. (Alternately used to refer to someone giving total misinformation about a given topic.)

"Fnanckle" - When one is so fat there is no division between their face and neck. Similar to a cankle.

"Respect Job" - The act of having relations in a respectful way.

"Disrespect Job" - The act of having relations in a less-than-respectful way.

"Jimmer" - A more polite way to refer to a lady's private parts. (See Argentina)

"Butter and Jam Sandwich" - Our term for a certain sexual act. Whether you're enjoying a butter and jelly sandwhich or making one yourself it's a blast!

"Jason Dicking A Toilet" - If someone breaks a toilet, it can happen to anyone, especially if it's in a comical fashion, you tell everyone they Jason Dicked it.

"Half Hooker"" - Not technically a prostitute, but in the VIP world of nightclub bottle service, she will have sex for gifts, money or in the case of a celebrity encounter, status.

"Brown Medal" - Here in American only the gold matters. So don't try to tell us your third place medal is bronze. It's not. It's brown and you're just the second loser.

"Gypsies" - If you ask Cassandra, gypsies only live in fairy tales, but they really do exist!

"Argentina" - This is our word for a certain female body part that is south of the border. For instance, taking a trip to Argentina or going down Argentina way.

"Muskrat" - Jason and Deb say things that may get them in trouble. In order to stop them before they say something bad, we use a safe word. This is that safe word.

"DTISG" - Dude That Is So Gay”, We came up with our own acronym. Use this in your next text message.

"Santerra Bone" - We call Cassandra SanterraBone because the last time we left her on her own to run the show, that’s how she pronounced the well known Sublime hit “Santeria” – Santerra. Bless her…

"Our Bone Thugs And Harmony names…" - Jason is GingerBone, Deb is EuroBone And Cassandra is SanterraBone. Make your own up today and join in the fun!!"

"F.O.A.D" - This stands for F*ck Off And Die. Deb told her friend’s boyfriend to do this via text message when he was mean to her friend. You can FOAD someone whenever you want! FOADing makes you feel good!

"Fear and Las Vegas and Loathing" - This is a reference to the classic Johnny Depp movie, only Deb was high on prescription drugs when she tried to say it so it came out all wrong…

"Blokey" - In England, ‘Bloke’ just means man, but Deb has adjusted it a little to mean ‘person who works at Home Depot’ or ‘person that you pick up outside Home Depot who will help you mend your fence’ etc.

"Jankity" - Another term for broken down, crappy or a POS. IE: This chair is jankety.

"Turdly" - See above.

"Wankasaurus Rex" - Hmm, how to be diplomatic here...? Spending time alone? Taking care of business? It's basically what Jason does when his wife is out...

"Wankmine" - This is what Jason does to find material for visiting Wankasaurus Rex...

"Wi-five" - It's the new wave in high fives - but it's wireless! You can send us a wi-five from your car or across the room. Now there's never a need to touch another person ever again!

"Jaguar" - Well, you Americans pronounce it 'Jag-wire' but honestly, it's supposed to be 'Jag-u-A.' Or whatever. It's just another way that Jason laughs at Deb.

"Pam Archer" - Once a frequent hate-mailer to Deb, Pam is one of our favorite listeners, and we thought she deserved a shout out on the promo.

"Bridget from Arkansas" - Once, in the midst of her brainfart/drug stupor/amnesia, Deb thought Jason's mom was called Bridget from Arkansas. She is in fact Grace from Kentucky. Same thing right?

"You Got Butt Slammed!!" - This is a classic episode from family guy. It actually makes fun of DJ's but we love it anyway

"J.O.N." - Our friend Andy Langer is a JON, or Jew Of Note."

"Bollocks" - A lovely term from the UK meaning bulls*$t, balls and other things. EG: that's a load of bollocks, or I kicked him in the bollocks.

"Booyakasha!!" - The sound clip at the end of the show is a PSA from Ali G. It really sums up our show.

"The favorite segment of hot chicks with low standards" - Jason starts sports off with this everyday. It was spawned when he was the lowly sports guy, not allowed to talk at any other time.

"Hey Tranny!!"" - See also 'Hot Sh*tty Mess' A wonderful, gay saying, that can be used every day. It's just another way to say hello! (BTW, Jason hates this)"

"Holla!!"" - Another annoying gay saying that Deb insists on using. It's an all encompassing, gay greeting."

"WTF Mate?" - Seriously, we have to tell you this one? It stands for What The F*ck? The mate is there for fun. Go and find the youTube video with the kangaroo.

"Stick It In!!" - Erm, yeah. This just means 'ok, I'll do that' or 'yes please' or 'go for it'. It's really just a positive encouragement. Sort of.

"Suck A D*ck" - This is the opposite to the above statement. We don't really say it on air much.

"These Guys!" - This is only ever heard before a Linkin Park song. Back when Deb was high on painkillers all the time, she intro'd one of their songs but couldn't remember who they were.

"Dullard" - Jason's favorite way to describe someone who is slightly below the national average intelligence level. Or Cassandra.

"Sorority Intern" - Or SI. Talking of Cassandra, she was in a sorority and is a bit ditzy so this was her intern name and now that she actually gets paid to be here, we still like to think of her as an intern in name and ability only.

"Dongal" - Apparently, this is actually an important, expensive little computer gadget. But Jason got mad at one once so now refers to all things annoying or dumb as Dongal.

"Ginger" - It's English for redhead. You know, like Jason. But it also carries a little vehemence with it as ginger kids are ugly mean abominations of nature who should have all been drowned at birth.

"God Bless" - Deb says this at the end of the show sometimes to make fun of Sorority Intern for telling ex-KXAN anchor Michelle Valles God Bless in an appearance request email one day. God Bless you SI."


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