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Update on Richard Sherman
Posted 1/29/2014 7:41:00 AM

We asked before  - What has Richard Sherman been up to lately? Answer: Everything.

(If you're not as in to sports as we are, Richard Sherman is a player for the Seattle Seahawks. And he's been in the headlines since Seattle's win over San Francisco that put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.)

First off, he gave a really intense post-game interview to Erin Andrews.

And another to Ed Werder.

There was a lot of fallout / reaction / hubbub about his passionate post-game testimonies. The media had a lot to say about him, and a LOT of that was talking about how much of a "thug" he was acting. Just a few facts about Sherman: he was salutatorian in his high school. He played college ball at Stanford. He was also a track star.

Stephen Colbert summed up "Richard Sherman's Rant Fallout" pretty well.

So since a lot of people had something to say about him, he wrote 10 Things That I Learned After America Learned About Me.

He gives a pretty good insight on what it's like to be in the spotlight. For instance, he tweeted this picture the other day showing us what it's like to be the focus of Super Bowl media.


And this has nothing to do with anything. It's just kinda of funny. Thank you, Imgur.


*Blog photo courtesy of USATSI (USA Today sports images).*

Posted By: Nicole  
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