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I Was Gonna Choke Him Out
Posted 4/18/2013 9:45:00 AM


As many of you know, Deb loves animals. She won’t eat them, wear them or otherwise use them. But, she hates birds. Growing up, Deb lived in a terraced house and in both directions, her neighbors owned chickens and, more annoyingly, roosters, so every morning she was woken by their crowing. Now there’s a bird that lives outside her window that just won’t shut up and it’s getting to the breaking point.



Bradley Cooper, 38, lives with his mum and at the same time has a 20 year old model girlfriend. His father passed away a couple years ago and their family was very close so he invited his mum to live with him for a while. Now that is a pretty awesome son. He has acknowledged that it’s not been the easiest but that they’re making work. This situation is a little different than others, but we wanted to hear from people that are still living at home. After you’re around 24 it just seems awkward. What do you think? Are you still living at home? Do you have a friend, significant other, or ex that lives at home? How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.



Google can be a cocky SOB sometimes, always acting like it knows what you want to search for, and in You Auto-Complete Me, Jason & Deb compete, guessing how Google will auto-complete Producer Alex’s picks. Today, listeners were playing for tickets to see the 311 & Cypress Hill who are playing at ACL Live on Friday, July 26th. In a surprise turn of events, Jason pulled out his first win of the week and lucky listener Terry won a pair of tickets to the show. Tune in 6-10am for more chances to win tickets to this and other great shows or get your tickets online at the 101X Concert Page.



In this segment we talk about something that should be a thing but isn't yet a thing, as far as we know. Like the flying car. Jason is sick and tired of drying off when he gets out of the shower. He’ll get out of the shower, towel off and then he’ll be getting dressed and he’ll find a wet spot he missed. What the heck? There’s gotta be a better way! Where’s the built in car-wash style dryer that blow drys him? Do you have an answer for this? Come on science, scientists, smart people, make it happen.



We're all about supporting animal charities, and bringing you the happiness of animals in your own home.  So you should check out our friends at Love-A-Bull, who are currently looking for a home for Tiggy, who has clearly lived with a family before, and she wants to be part of yours now.  She's very well trained around dogs and people.  Give her and the other adopt-a-bulls a look here.



At 8:50 Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.” Today Deb called the Dairy Cup in Tennessee where she inquired about their non-dairy alternatives. Unsurprisingly, the Dairy Cup doesn’t serve up non-dairy products in a cup, but you know what they do serve, love.



Every day we “trivialize” Deb by asking her quiz questions, then laughing when she doesn’t know the answers. Today, in honor of Louie Anderson we tested Deb on "heavy male comedian" trivia. It turns out that she doesn't know too much about them. But not to worry. Listener Kathy played the game right and won a pair of tickets as well as meet & greet passes to tomorrow night's Justin Furstenfeld concert playing at The Paramount Theater. Congratulations Kathy!



A massive explosion near Waco, Texas ripped through the air last night at a West Fertilizer plant. Early estimates predict that between 5 and 15 people have been killed as well as an additional 160 injured. Details are still few and far between, but the blast measuring 2.1 on the Richter Scale leveled as many as 60 homes and could be felt as far as 50 miles away. As many as 60 homes and buildings including an apartment complex and a nursing home were damaged, some reduced to little more than rubble and ashes. Fires were still burning this morning, and some feared another explosion could still occur. Smoke from the fire is also a big concern, containing anhydrous ammonia, can be suffocating when inhaled and cause severe burns. Video of the terrifying explosion can be seen below. *Warning* The footage is disturbing.  

A local ex-Justice of the Peace, Eric Williams, shown on the right, has been arrested for allegedly killing Kaufman County DA, Mike McLelland, and his wife, Cynthia, in their home a week after killing the assistant DA and prosecutor, Mark Hasse. Early investigators suspected the killings to be retaliation by a Mexican drug cartel or a white supremacist group but after the arrest of McLelland’s wife, Kim, prosecutors were informed that Mike McLelland was responsible for shooting all three. And what was the reason? McLelland had been prosecuted by the DA for stealing three computer monitors. He was stripped of his title, barred from practicing the law and out on probation bearing a grudge.

We’re now on Day 4 of whether Anne Frank would have been a Belieber. The media has tracked down the 83 year old step-sister and childhood friend of Anne Frank, Eva Schloss. When asked about the situation, Schloss replied, “She probably would have been a fan. Why not? He’s a young man and she was a young girl, and she liked film stars and music." Not everyone was so supportive of the Biebs. Gillian Walnes MBE, co-founder of the Anne Frank Trust U.K. was appalled by the teen star’s behavior. “Now 70 years later a pop singer is trying to hijack this for his own self-aggrandizement.”

According to eBay, there are some medals for sale from the Boston Marathon. You can purchase these medals for between $150 to $300 a piece. Hundreds of people did not receive their medals because of Monday’s bombing. In the aftermath of the bombing, some took advantage of the chaos to steal medals from the finish post. The Boston Athletic Association has been trying to distribute medals to those that couldn’t claim them on Monday. Medal maker, Ashworth Awards, posted on their Facebook that “It has been brought to our attention that this year's Boston Marathon Finisher's medallions have shown up on E-Bay. It is truly sad that people out there are attempting to profit from this."



The NBA regular season is over. The playoffs will start this weekend. The first round match-up is the LA Lakers versus the San Antonio Spurs. Game 1 is Sunday at 2:30. After a disastrous first half of the season, the Lakers have brought up their game to make the playoffs. Jason bet Producer Alex that the Spurs would take down the Lakers. The wager, $1 and a bottle of apple juice.

The newest theory on Michael Jordan’s famous 1997 “flu game” performance is that the star ate some bad pizza according to his former trainer.

Bad news ladies, Adam Scott will not become the next Bachelor. The Australian has been thrown under the spotlight since winning the Masters Tournament at Augusta on Monday. Scott, 32, told CBS This Morning, “I'm not single at all, I'm very much in a relationship and very happy at the moment.” Sorry to disappoint you ladies.

After an injury, swimsuit model Katherine Webb quit celebrity reality diving show, “Splash.” She will be replaced by former contestant, Louie Anderson. Miss Alabama 2012 said “"I went to the doctor, and unfortunately, he told me I'm out of the competition.”

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