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I Don't Remember Going To Taco Cabana
Posted 4/8/2013 6:31:00 AM


Jason and Deb both had weekends that made them feel 20-something again.  Deb partook in a pub-crawl that was “College” themed.  There were pastel colored popped-collars, over-sized t-shirts, athletic shorts, and Sperrys.  Jason also had a crazy weekend; he was down on West Campus where he ended up throwing up in a stranger’s bed, like he was 21 all over again.  Their weekends almost crossed paths as well because while Jason was at McDonald’s, Deb was right across the street at Taco Cabana.



Jason will tell you he’s a man’s man’s man, and we put that to the test by pitting his weekend against a listener’s and seeing whose was mas macho.  Listener Daryn started the weekend off with a happy hour that turned into a happy night, Saturday he went to an event for his karate business he pulled off some bad ass marital arts moves, went to CD release party, and gardened with the fiancé.  While Jason went golfing on Friday where he came back from behind to take the win, then on Saturday he lost some Macho points when he paid money to see “The Hunger Games” and went to see his friends baby.  Saturday night he went out with some buds and threw up in a strange girl’s bed.  In the end, Jason’s inability to cook meat but watch a teen movie lost him this round.



While for the most part Jason doesn’t find it necessary to comment on people’s professionalism, he has noticed a certain 101X employee (Producer Nick) being too lax with the suits in this radio building.  Last week one of our sales guys was talking to Nick and he may have taken the conversation too far.  He brought up the guy’s girlfriend and their sex lives, and made him uncomfortable.  He also takes a "lean back" attitude in the studio.  Maybe he just needs to learn that there is a difference between the “us and them.”




Deb was visiting her friend yesterday who recently had a baby who just started walking.  Deb noticed that her friend’s hand was badly hurt and she found out that while the baby was playing in the backyard, he picked up some BBQ tongs and just before he was about to fall his mother stepped and sacrificed herself.  But when it came time for Deb to watch over the baby he ended up with a head injury from a picnic table.  Maybe she’s not ready to sacrifice her safety and well being for another person’s.



We're all about supporting animal charities, and bringing you the happiness of animals in your own home.  So you should check out our friends at Love-A-Bull, who are currently looking for a home for Tiggy, who has clearly lived with a family before, and she wants to be part of yours now.  She's very well trained around dogs and people.  Give her and the other adopt-a-bulls a look here.




At 8:50 Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.”  Today it’s Mount Vernon Dry Cleaners in Baltimore, Maryland.  Deb needs a silk garment covered in puke dry-cleaned.  The woman she talked to, named Pong, comforted Deb and told her they’d try their best to help Deb forget that her friend put the inside of their stomach on her silk shirt.  In the end Deb got some love from the cute little Pong.



Sometimes we do stuff we don’t want to for the one we love.  Sometimes we have to go to concerts we don’t want to but our significant other does.  Producer Alex had to go to a Kenny Chesney concert over the weekend with his girlfriend.  Alex felt out of place due to his shirtsleeves being present, his lack of puka shells and the whole not being a beach cowboy/Pirate like Chesney.  Alex suggests to anyone put in this kind of situation to just straight up get drunk.




You can ask Jason & Deb whatever you want, and they can either tell you the Truth or give you a Pair of tickets to that thing you love.  Who would Deb save, her dog or her boyfriend? We’ll never know because she doesn’t know.  Has Jason had to ever be sent to the clinic by a sexual partner?  Recently Jason has not been, but in life, yes.. yes he has.  Jason and Deb are open books.



Every day we “trivialize” Deb by asking her quiz questions, then laughing when she doesn’t know the answers.  As we found out today, former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has passed and so our trivia is all about her.  Thatcher was a Baroness who came from humble beginnings; her father was a shopkeeper.  Deb’s English pride proves strong as she takes this round.




A 19 year-old man in Canada reported that he was sexually assaulted by a group of four women.  When they offered him a ride home he thought nothing of it, but the women who were supposedly much bigger than him proceeded to take advantage of him.


The Austin hamburger landmark Fran’s will soon close her doors for good.  This recent news raises the always asked question: Fran’s or Dan’s? If you live in Austin or were raised here then you know that Dan and Fran were once married, when they divorced Fran opened her own burger joint and so started a lengthy debate on which place is better.  Fran’s South Congress location that was featured on the Friday Night Lights TV show, will close down, but you can still go to Dan’s… Which is better.



News broke today that Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.  The former U.K. Prime Minister was the only woman to ever hold the position and has been a polarizing figure since her entry into the political world.  We all know her name and whom she was… except Producer Nick who can not place who she is or what she did, and just in case you're just as lost as Nick click Here and Wikipedia up.



The last college basketball game of the season is tonight, and while Deb is rooting for Louisville, Jason is hoping for his bracket’s sake that Michigan is crowned victor instead.  Louisville is the number one overall seed while Michigan is seeded at four.


In his return to his former Texas Rangers home, Josh Hamilton was greeted with boos from the crowd and pranks in the stands. When he came up to bat, fans pretended to be reading newspapers as to seem uninterested in Hamilton.  Hamilton said the yelling and booing was the loudest he had ever heard in the ballpark.  


Kendall Sanders, a wide receiver for the Texas Longhorns was pulled over in College Station and given a DWI.  Jason speculates that he was targeted by the enemy (Aggies) and wrongfully ticketed.  Whether or not that’s true, its not good for the program.


Johnny Menzel may have quit Twitter but he’s still present in the Instagram world.  He posted a picture with a blonde girl where they were both doing the Texas Tech guns hand motion.  It seems he’s showing support for one of his former A&M coaches who has moved to Lubbock but Jason always the cynic wants to think the worst of him.


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