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Jason Wants A Desert Bride
Posted 4/5/2013 11:23:00 AM


Deb was talking to a friend the other day about their recently procedure getting Botox. However, in the middle of the conversation, her friend asked Deb if she wouldn’t say anything about the procedure to her husband. No problem. Deb didn’t think it had to do with the procedure itself, but the expense of it. This made Deb wonder how often people lie to their spouses about some of the things they purchase. She’s had her share of keeping things like that from her boyfriends, but she always seems to tell them at some point. As for the listeners, the phone lines ran crazy with the amount of people admitting what bills and receipts they’ve hide from their other half.



What exactly do those crazy dreams mean? Jason had a dream where he went to Arizona to take care of some business. Apparently, he was renting out houses, and went to check up on some tenants. In the process of these check-ups, he really needed to go to the bathroom, so he begged this older woman renting the house to let him use her bathrooms. After some pleading, she finally let him use her bathroom. Strangely, after using the bathroom, Jason felt the sudden urge to take a nap on this couch with his woman. So they did, and they had a romantic moment. However, the woman’s fifteen year old daughter came home and ruined the moment, but her nineteen year old son said it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was then Jason became aware of the women’s three children – a fifteen year old girl, a nineteen year old boy, and a nine year old girl. From this point on, Jason and the woman went the rest of the time going back and forth between Texas and Arizona. Interesting. Deb seems to think it might be time to, not only settle down, but to do with it an older woman where things are already established and the kids are already grown up.


 Jason and Deb battled it out in another game of You Auto Complete Me. Or The Google Game if you want to fight about it. Anyways, today’s words included the names “Billy” and “Luke,” words “Light” and “North,” and the unfinished phrase “When Did Texas…”. It was a horrendous battle, and it didn’t seem like anyone’s brain was working as efficiently to guess the correct answers, but Jason was able to pull off the victory!


 Fridays Deb calls the one person who’s wronged her the most that week the C Word – the worst word in the world, although she usually uses it jovially. Today, an outraged Deb clenched her fists and fought through pain as she struggled through another week with an injured back. She took no time in thinking about her C of the Week, because the moment it was time, she already that, once again, her back was it. Deb says she’s taking things easy, but she’s still being active and working out, which is actually just fine for her back, but she’s still in pain, and she just doesn’t understand it!


We all know Deb’s dog, Blue, had some heath issues a while back, but thankfully has recovered since then. Or had he? Yesterday, Deb was driving home from the nail salon with Blue, when he suddenly got that look on his face like he was about to throw up, and sure enough… he did. After Deb pulled over to let him out, he continued to throw up even more. Fortunately he’s okay now, but Deb isn’t sure why he keeps doing this, and what she should do.


Fridays we talk to a real sports expert, Dennis De La Pena from Fox 7 Sports. Today, Dennis called in to talk about Auburn’s Athletic scandal, and Mike Rice. Dennis was pretty sure that the amount of scandal going on with Auburn might be just a journalist trying to get their break, but he wouldn’t be surprised if some of it was true. As for the whole Mike Rice situation, he seemed to agree with Jason that, as much as it seems horrific, most people don’t realize that coaches have been that rough for a long time, and that’s just how things are. Deb didn’t seem to like or agree with this, but she still loves Dennis and his opinion.



We all know Alex is buffing up lately and taking some awesome boxing classes, right? Right. Well recently he’s upgraded to an actual class with other people. However, Alex doesn’t seem to feel as though he’s as good as the other people because he isn’t able to run as great as them. This is starting to make him feel a little behind, and not so macho anymore. Not to worry though, Deb and Nick were able to reassure him that it’s just a matter of practicing and making his way up to their level.


This Saturday, Randy Parmer’s South Austin Gym are holding a live boxing event. So come out and come see Austin’s finest boxers battle it out for the rights to be called “South Austin Strong.” Doors open at 1pm and admission is $10 dollars at the door. Located at 5700 Manchaca RD Suite 365. More details can be seen at


We're all about supporting animal charities, and bringing you the happiness of animals in your own home.  So you should check out our friends at Love-A-Bull, who are currently looking for a home for Tiggy, who has clearly lived with a family before, and she wants to be part of yours now.  She's very well trained around dogs and people.  Give her and the other adopt-a-bulls a look here.



At 8:50 Deb calls a random business and tries to get the person answering the phone to say, “I love you.” Today Deb called Regal Paint in Maryland, and asked if she was to bring in a piece of wood, would they help her with some paint comparisons. The guy seemed to be pretty busy multitasking with some paint mixing, but he was able to give Deb a straightforward answer, and left Deb with no choice but to end the conversation early. Unfortunately, he also must have been too busy enough to return those three little words.


Every day we “trivialize” Deb by asking her quiz questions, then laughing when she doesn’t know the answers. Today we tested Deb’s knowledge of Weed, Synthetic Weed, or Asian Rappers as she had to distinguish the difference in the names given. Unfortunately, out of all the questions we gave her, she was only able to get one right. It was purely a guess too. But hey! I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t really know the difference between any of the three.     


Roger Ebert passed away yesterday from his long battle of cancer. His family said it was a peaceful passing as they stated he simply sat down, smiled, and died.

Fifteen cases of the bird flu, known as N7N9, has been reported in China. Six deaths have been a result of this.

Lena Heady claims she’s broke due to a divorce from her husband. As a result, she and her son are living off credit for the time being.


It’s been reported that Auburn has been, not only covering up their athlete’s bad grades and failed drug tests, but giving them money in order to keep them playing.

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