Homegrown Live w/ Belaire, KNIFIGHT!, Major Major Major & more.
Posted 7/22/2013 9:58:00 AM
This month Homegrown Live joins forces with the arts education non-profit Attendance Records to celebrate the release of their 2nd collaboration, Caught in the Food Chain.

Attendance Records brings creativity back into public schools by connecting students and teachers with local artists, writers, and musicians. At the end of the program the 9th and 10th grade students have their poems, short stories, artwork, and lyrics published in an installation or recorded by a local band and pressed onto vinyl.

This year they worked with Homegrown Heros, Marmalakes and Belaire.


Floating from bossa nova and Giallo film scores to synth-wave and Motown R&B, Belaire creates catchy pop songs filtered through a macabre kaleidoscopic lens of colors. Formed in 2004 by members of Fancy Feast, Fozlur and Voxtrot, the band weaves hauntingly melodic, textural sound-scapes that echo childlike creativity, artistic intellectualism, and a lot of DIY soul. 


Since planting themselves in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2010, Knifight has been distinguishing themselves as a premiere act in the indie-electronic scene. Formed in 2002 as a solo IDM/noise project of singer John Gable, Knifight has slowly evolved into a fleshed-out quartet of four distinct songwriters, producers and instrumentalists. Referencing the melodic tendencies and dancy electronics of Xiu Xiu, New Order and LCD Soundsystem along with the kind of guitar and bass bombast that brought post-punk to arenas, the members of Knifight have created music that is both introspective and widely accessible.

Major Major Major

MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR is a two piece garage pop band from Austin influenced by the energy and rawness of garage punk bands like Ty Segall and WAVVES with the poppy hooks of power pop bands such as Big Star. Frontman Adrian Sebastian and drummer Andrew Torrey have been playing music together for the past 2 years in Austin, TX. Although originally a 4 piece, Adrian and Andrew decided to take a new direction by arranging their previous sound to adapt to a raw in your face two piece set up.

The Baker Family

The Baker Family is a creative, original, listenable, and danceable indie rock band from Asheville, NC--now residing in Austin TX. Substantial lyrics meet a myriad of melodies and counter-melodies as Mr. and Mrs. Baker sing songs of excitement, loneliness, judgment, and hope. Their songs range from folk to unconventional indie rock.


Over the last three years, Whalers have been taking cues from the past four decades of classics filtered through a solid enjoyment of early 60’s surf rock. They’ve been recognized by the LA blog Rollo & Grady as their “Artist to Watch,” taken part in their own Daytrotter release, seen many a glowing review of their previous EP releases and sold out residencies at Lambert’s BBQ.

Whalers’ unique musical formula has garnered this “talented Austin indie rock band” a considerable amount of national attention. “They are damned good.” (Indie Rock Café).
 Stylistically, their music reflects a collective appreciation of simplicity, as well as their disdain for wasted notes. Whalers make it a point to “get the most out of their instruments” with “songs that are transportive in nature… Everything fits and each song is tight.” (The Steam Engine).

Past releases include 2010’s How The Ship Goes Down and 2011’s Paddle Easy. Both self-recorded and self-released EP’s received unanimous critical praise, solidifying their legitimacy as a band that should be noticed. HTSGD was mixed by My Morning Jacket’s sound engineer, Kevin Ratterman, and mastered in Jim Eno’s (Spoon) Austin studio, Public Hi-Fi. After one listen, don’t be surprised if you find yourself experiencing “one of those moments where you get to the end and say to yourself ‘how good was that?’ before hitting repeat.” (The Mad Mackerel). Paddle Easy, mixed and mastered at The Bubble in Austin, is full of “… infectious ode(s) to surf rock…” and “perfectly poplicious track(s) that should an ‘indie hit”…” (Indie Rock Café).

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